Which Ion based system should I buy?

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ahreno Wrote:anyone have a good store for a 330? All i'm finding is ebay at around $350-430. I'd rather avoid ebay if possible... what the hell is the deal with the ion platform? it's available in europe but not us?

anyone have a good store to buy from?? I am also wondering.

ATV1 with crystalbuntu (12.2 frodo) as main theater. Theater remote URC MX-810, droidx with xbmc remote, or transformer tf101 with YATSE. 3 x ATV2 (V12.2 frodo).

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rflores2323 Wrote:anyone have a good store to buy from?? I am also wondering.

On that web page I posted previously ( http://www.linuxtech.net/features/nvidia...rview.html ) there are a couple of links to US dealers (assuming you are from the US) in addition to links to European dealers.
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ion_man Wrote:There is a summary of all ION based products that are actually currently available to buy at the following URL:


Thanks, great link!
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I bought up here in Canada from http://www.ncix.com - They do have a US side to their website I believe. $424 is what I paid, and I had it in my hands less than 48 hours after placing my order.
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I have a Zotac ION ITX-A with Atom 330 (dual core) and ION chipset.
I have no trouble with 1080p. They run just smooth. Of course I use VDPAU on my Linux system. CPU utilization is low (about 11% with 1080p).

Is anybody using a Atom 230 ION system ? I would be interested to know how well it performs (expecially compared to Atom 330 dual core).
Thank you
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