XBMC for Windows suspend/sleep questions?

I´m trying to get sleep/suspend and resume to work properly with xbmc running. The problem I´m having is that when coming back from sleep the screen is white, although xbmc is still running(I hear navigation sounds). And if I bring up the task-manager, xbmc appears in the background.
Anyone have a solution to that?

If not, is there a way to kill xbmc before going into suspend. And start it when resuming?

Running Babylon on Windows 7 64bit.


Edit: Found this tool called MCE Standby Tool: http://slicksolutions.eu/mst.shtml
And this post: http://www.degroeneknop.nl/forum/index.p...3717.0;all

So then I can run a bat-script that exits xbmc when entering sleep and another script that starts it on resume. Seems to work.. Smile
Htpc 1: Intel [email protected] : Gigabyte GA-G33M-DS2 G33 : Nvidia 9400GT : Antec Fusion V2 : MCE Remote : Windows 7 64bit : Dharma : Confluence : 1920x1080
Htpc 2: Zotac Zbox HD-ID11 : MCE Remote : Windows 7 64bit : Dharma : Confluence : 1920x108
I have the same problem is there any chance you could post your script and explain how you utilized it. I'm also using Windows 7 64bit.
Sorry for the late answer, here´s how I did it:

1. Download and install MCE Standby Tool at http://slicksolutions.eu/mst.shtml (Note if you´re running Windows 7 you might need to look in the forum for a working release, there´s a link on that page).

2. Make a script called "exit_xbmc.bat", that looks like this:
taskkill /IM XBMC.exe
choice /T 1 /D Y >nul
It kills xbmc, waits a second, then exits.

3. Make a script called "start_xbmc.bat", that looks like:
taskkill /IM XBMC.exe
choice /T 2 /D Y >nul
cd C:\Program Files (x86)\XBMC\
XBMC.exe -fs
It kills xbmc, if it´s still running for some reason, waits two seconds, starts xbmc(you might need to change the path in case you have it installed elsewhere), then exits.

4. Open regedit(start menu, search, type regedit, hit enter)

5. Control-F. Search for "Herman Van Eijk", click on "MceStandbyTool".

6. Find "RunOnUserSuspend", and put in the path to the "exit_xbmc.bat"-script. For example C:\exit_xbmc.bat.

7. Find "RunOnUserResume", and put in the path to "start_xbmc.bat".

Maybe you need to restart(can´t remember). Hopefully it should work. Let me know if you have any problems or if it worked ok.

Htpc 1: Intel [email protected] : Gigabyte GA-G33M-DS2 G33 : Nvidia 9400GT : Antec Fusion V2 : MCE Remote : Windows 7 64bit : Dharma : Confluence : 1920x1080
Htpc 2: Zotac Zbox HD-ID11 : MCE Remote : Windows 7 64bit : Dharma : Confluence : 1920x108
Thanks for taking the time to write that out. I'll try it out this evening.

That works well now. Thanks very much.
I have this exact same problem (white screen after resuming from sleep), on Vista 64 and with a Nvidia 9400 GT graphic card. Note that we both have an 9400GT, so I tried with an ATI HD3450 and no problems occur there.

So it does appear to be Nvidia related only, a bug in XBMC or the drivers maybe? I would rather prefer to fix the cause of the problem, rather than a working around it Smile


YAY!!! Another night well spent, I tried numerous different Nvidia drivers versions.. and I got it 100% working now (without any workarounds), tried resuming about 10 times in a row without a problem Big Grin.

I'm still puzzled over what exactly solved it, but anyway the recent changes I had made before it started working:

- installed old Nvidia driver 181.22 WHQL
- Uninstalled NVIDIA stereo drivers
- Uninstalled PhysX drivers
- Set BIOS Onboard VGA, enable if no ext PEG, init display first PEG
- powersettings, adaptive display off

(writing this here for future reference, next time I re-install Windows and start pulling my hair out)
It works fine here on Suspend

Windows XP
ATI 1400
XBMC 22434
Always on Top enabled in advancedsettings ..
The normal XBMC log IS NOT a debug log, to enable debug logging you must toggle it on under XBMC Settings - System or in advancedsettings.xml. Use XBMC Debug Log Addon to retrieve it.
OK my problem is a bit different. My computer goes to sleep fine with my remote, but I can't get it to sleep automatically with xbmc open. Have tried the option in the system menu and doesn't seem to do anything.

Anyone got suggestions.
Same problem here, and I also have an nVidia card, though mine is an integrated GeForce 8200. Running Windows 7, 32-bit.

I removed the PhysX drivers with no change. I'm not really willing to try downgrading my drivers, but I'll check the other settings that sesam mentioned.
Got it working. I did update the NV drivers to the latest version, but I think what actually solved it was turning off hybrid sleep mode. I've seen similar display issues with similar types of suspend running in vmware, so it didn't surprise me when I found that setting and suddenly things started working.

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