Help!?!?! Did NKPatcher brick my Xbox?!

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Hey all. Im omething of a bewbie to Xbox XBMC, so please be patient.

Recently I modded one of my Xboxes with a softod and installed UnleashX. I then installed the latest Xbox Stable build of XBMC and set it to auto boot directly to XBMC.

I then installed ots of emulators etc and had a ball... until I decided to improve the picture. I am running this Xbox on a 52" HD TV and was previously using an S-Video cable, whiched looked a little ordinary. So I purchased a component cable and plugged it in, only to e greeted with the dreaded pink XBMC (I hear this is common).

I searched and searched for a fix to this problem and the only one I could find dealt with using NKPatcher to patch the kernel. So from XBMC I booted UnleashX, and used the NKPatcher Progressive scanning patch. It worked fine. Then when I rebooted I got a blank screen, didnt even get the sound file that plays when XBMC boots (so I know it is not just a video problem).

No matter what I do now the system simply goes to a black screen. Is NKPatcher some sort of super bricking joke program? Or have I just overlooked something simple.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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This is a question for forums.
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