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Audio Slow, but maintains sync with video
Hello all,

I did a search around, but couldn't find anything recent that seemed similar to my problem.

XBMC 9.04.1, Ubuntu 9.04 AMD64
Install via PPA

Debug output here:

I have XBMC set to play through the SPDIF on my M-Audio Revolution card, which works - the full surround sound shows as active on my receiver. However, the sound is slightly slower and deeper than it normally is. Audio output device is set to "Default", with the passthrough being "iec958". The video stays in sync with the audio, and seems to be running around 22 FPS for both 720p and 1080p content, either local or via my 802.11n network (Blu-Ray over wireless!).

I have tried it with MPEG-2 w/ MKV wrapper, H.264 w/ MKV wrapper, and Blu-Ray content w/ MKV wrapper and it performs identically in all cases...though I doubt its the wrapper causing the issue.

Any thoughts and help would be greatly appreciated, I really love this software - used it on Windows before, and have switched it to Ubuntu to try to take advantage of VDPAU (though I am not using it for regular operations yet, as it seems a little unstable)

Thanks - Adam
Oh gosh...I just realized I posted this in the wrong forum - I looked around for a delete button under "Edit" but can't seem to find it. My sincere apologies...that's what I get for browsing the same forum in two tabs!

Again, sorry for the n00bish mistake!
[Edit: I withdraw my suggestion.]
The sound is playing at the wrong samplerate, try disabling pulseaudio.

Also don't use 64 bit xbmc.
Disabling PulseAudio fixed the problem, though I was using ALSA for playback I assume there was some interference between them? It also got rid of all the discontinuity errors that were showing up in the logs.

Thanks much for the help!

Audio Slow, but maintains sync with video00