[WINDOWS] Best remote control to use with XBMC for Windows?
To those with a Harmony who notice the lag/sluggishness when issuing commands, here is a nice method to decrease the lag time. It helps a lot, but it's still not perfect. It's definitely much more usable though in my opinion.

Taken from AVSForum

Since this question gets posted a lot, here are two easy fixes to get the Harmony remote to respond more quickly.

Click on the Device's "More Options"
- Select "Adjust the delays (speed settings)"
Inter-key Delay: 300ms
Inter-Device Delay: 300ms

Start by adjusting the Inter-key and Inter-Device delays to 300ms or less. Then test the remote. If it works at 300ms, keep lowering the speed in 100ms increments and see if the device still responds. If it doesn't, increase it back up 100ms. In my experience, I've found that most devices will respond to 100ms and devices like Tivos will take an Inter-key of 0ms.

Click on the Device's "Troubleshoot"
- Select "Show me more problems"
- Select "Device doesn't appear to receive every command correctly."
- Select "The device responds too much to some commands (for example, volume up increases the volume too quickly)."

The default number of repeats is 3. Lower the repeat speed and see if the remote still responds. If it doesn't, increase the number of repeats until the device still responds. In my experience, most devices will respond with 2 or more repeats and devices like Tivos will respond with 1 repeat.
I am currently using a Logitech XBOX 1 wireless controller. my first xbmc was on the original xbox, and the logitech wireless controllers just killed. i highly recommend it.

it's fast has hell, the setup wasn't TOOOO bad, and it works almost flawlessly.


i love it. no need to ever look down at the remote, unbeatable speed, plenty of buttons...

Only issues i have:
- for some reason, the volume slider doesn't work on HD/5.1. it works great on everything else, but HD video, the right thumbstick doesn't change the volume. the slider moves, but the volume stays the same. any help on this is much appreciated.
- the two triggers don't work as well as they did on the original xbox. they hang a bit and it's annoying.

i'm using xbdc and some keymap file i googled how to fix.

Very highly recommended.
The volume on passthrough audio such as AC3 can only be adjusted on the receiver - because it's a digital signal the gain can't be increased or decreased like an analog signal.
I got a Rock Vista MCE remote working successfully on Ubuntu/XBMC.
It's a very cheap and sexy MCE remote.
It uses the LIRC new Windows MCE config (the one that has Philips et. al. next to it, mceusb2 I think).
Thanks everyone for priceless advices! expensive, but it is worth of it!
jimbosis Wrote:The volume on passthrough audio such as AC3 can only be adjusted on the receiver - because it's a digital signal the gain can't be increased or decreased like an analog signal.

not to get all thread jacky, but is there a way for xbmc to change the digital volume?
Hey Guys,

New here. Found this thread while doing a search. I was wondering if this remote will work right out of the box with XBMC. http://www.xpcgear.com/remotevista.html

I am turning my old desktop into an HTPC.

P4 3.40Ghz
4GB Ram
Windows XP Pro SP3
Thanks for any and all help/advice.
is there a way to get a RF or IR dish network universal remote to workHuh My dish box came with a extra RF remote and im trying to avoid spending more money at the moment
sorry can anyone pls confirm, if any of those cheap ebay hongkong receiver/remote control for mce work on my xbmc on xp?
currently cant spend more on remote, so any help would be appreciated

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