how to remove music from library?
I would like a "remove from library" in the context menu, like there is for video. I accidentally added a folder from my wife's MP3 folder, and I want to remove that one album from my xbmc music library without having to remove/rename her files.
Bit of a thread res here, but I also would like the ability to remove items (artists, etc) from the Music Library, just as you can with Movies and TV shows.

I have a large amount of music on my server... it would be unwieldly to scan that all in to XBMC. Instead, what I like to do is scan in Albums I'm currently listening to. That way, I have a mageable library of say 40 albums that I might want to hear for awhile.

However, after a few weeks, I'll want to drop something from the Library, as I no longer listen to it, but there's no way to do this.
1. Copy what you want to listen to a new location.
2. Scan that.
3. Delete whatever you don't want.
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So I should manually copy all the music I might want to another physical location on my harddrive, taking up more space, AND repeat this procedure whenever I might want to add new music or delete old music?

Isn't the whole point of a library to be able to use resources how the user would like, without regard to the location or physical structure of the files themselves (such as the filename, etc)? A library can serve almost like a playlist, a subsection of items the user wants to see and interact with, without having to alter the sources.

Your responses seem very defensive. It's clear users have a reason to remove entries from the Music library, just as they do for Video. Instead you provide workarounds that are cumbersome.

Your response is further mystifying when this is a feature already found in the Video section. If you're so positive that there is no reason to remove items from a Library, why not remove this feature from the Video section? It has a use there, and likewise would be welcome in the Music section.

For what it's worth, enabling file rename/delete doesn't allow you to only remove from the Library, but instead actually deletes the physical music file, and then only from file list, not library view, so that's not a solution to the problem unless you're suggesting that a reasonable way to remove an item from the Library is to just delete our music.
It's not defensive at all - I simply gave you a way to do things in the current framework. I don't think the workaround is cumbersome in this instance: You want to filter out some things from your library that are in a specific path - surely the easiest and most obvious way of doing that is to simply move that path elsewhere.

The video section does have this feature, but that's more because it relies on the users' file structure. To be quite honest, I'd be more than happy for the video library to NOT have this feature - at least in the way it is done now. You can't remove a particular show or movie without having it pop right up again unless you go into the path and specifically switch content to None. This is rather cumbersome. I also don't see the use for it at all personally - surely if you have a bunch of videos there you want them all in the library! If not, move them away from the videos you do want in your library.

If enabling rename/delete doesn't also remove them from the library (when you do it in library view, ofcourse) then that's a bug that needs fixing for sure.

If you want to filter it on some criteria other than paths (eg based on album or genre) then we have a different ballgame.

Always read the XBMC online-manual, FAQ and search the forum before posting.
Do not e-mail XBMC-Team members directly asking for support. Read/follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting please make sure you read this first.

snubz Wrote:So I should manually copy all the music I might want to another physical location on my harddrive...

I agree that a simple "Remove from library" command would be ideal, as most media managers have this feature.

I ran into this problem, when trying to update my Library after making changes to id3 tags on my computer. XBMC on my xbox wouldn't recognize the change even after cleaning/updating. Instead of copying to a new location, I just changed the permissions on the artist folder (that had the changed tags) to no access, so XBMC couldn't access it, then cleaned the library, changed the permissions back and rescanned that one folder back to the library.

I'm on linux so changing permissions was pretty simple, but if that's a pain you could just move the folder in question to a location outside your library source, then Clean Library, move the folder back if you want. To make the whole operation speedier, keep the folder you're moving on the same drive/filesystem so the OS won't have to physically move every file.
I also support a delete album function.

There are times when you may have re-ripped an album at a higher bitrate, or whatever. Perhaps you have the remastered version and you no longer need to keep the original.

Of course, I could clean my library after removing the folder, but that is extremely costly when you have as much music as I do (~1 tb).

I've tried re-scanning the parent folder, but that didn't remove an album that was no longer there.
I would also support removal of items from the music library, not just albums. It's obvious the music section is kludged together with the video media as this basic functionality is missing from xbmc's music library. There are any number of reasons to remove an item. the first is that updating doesn't work in the music library, many other reasons have already been stated. When you change an ID tag xbmc will never rescan if you don't also change it's physical location, this is not how it should work. No other media manager works this way! Either allow for rescanning or let users use the defacto workaround of deleting from the library, without removing the actual files and then rescanning the directory.
Is there still no option to delete items from the library?

The problem here is: i have added two albums with the same album title and album artist to the library but one is a special edition and has an other cover. xbmc adds together in one album and uses the same cover for both.
because thats ugly i have changed the album title of the special edition and rescanned the library but now both have still the same cover and i couldn't manage to force xbmc to rescann the unchanged one nor i can delete this album to rescann it afterwards.

so please add a delete out of library function or a better rescraping...
Just want to add my vote for the same thing - there are lots of use cases that would be addressed by simply allowing users to remove an album from the library - couple of examples:
  • I import an album only to find that the ID3 tags are wrong, missing or could be improved - I should be able to easily delete the album, fix the tags and re-import without having to change the folder name or permissions and then clean the libary

  • I have a large collection of music, which is already indexed by one media player (e.g itunes which indexes all music) - I want to pick and choose what gets included in my xbmc library

  • I scan in all my music, then decide I dont like a particular album and dont want it appearing in the libary navigation

Depending on how people construct their libraries, they may never have rescan a directory that has a deleted album in it (e.g my libary is constructed Music/2011/Jan - Music/2011/Feb etc, and I scan a month at a time)
Hi all ... I'm also a noob Undecided

I have added all my music via UPnP across our home network, but would also like to remove (hide?) some of the content in the Library, in particular, it has tried to include podcasts and recorded media from my iPhone ... which I don't want visible within xbmc ... reading this thread, it appears this isn't a supported function yet ... should I wait for Eden?
Hi briddles, I would start a new thread for this as your posting is less likely to be seen tacked onto the end of this thread. Also can you clarify what you're doing. Are you using a uPnP client (if so which client?) to play music from your XBMC PC? If so, the uPnP client will always see everything in the XBMC library. The XBMC uPnP server just lists everything in the library and can't filter it. Is the client a PC running XBMC? If so I would use file sharing to play the media as this gives you a lot more control.

Hi jhsrennie

First of all, thanks for finding me at the bottom of this thread!

I have an OpenELEC 1.02 build and I'm trying to stream the files from a Win7 PC. All the media is in iTunes and tagged correctly.

I've given up on UPnP as I was getting some very strange results (albums with multiple copies of the same tracks) and for some reason, the album artwork wasn't being displayed.

So, next I'm going to try file sharing (will have to work out how to do that!).

I've removed the UPnP source and have tried cleaning the Library, however, everything is still visible in Musinc Library Mode, so I'm now contemplating deleting the file ~/.xbmc/userdata/Database/MyMusic7.db .... it's a very large file (18354176) and doesn't seem to get any smaller when I clean the Library .... is this a safe option?

Once I'm back to an empty/clean Library, I'll sus out the file sharing approach (I hope).

Any idea why the CD Album Art isn't being used? If I update each Album one at a time, it seems to work, but don't fancy doing that 250+ times ... and this seems to be where the multiple track entries came from (can't be sure of that however).

Thanks again. Having a great time messing with xbmc and appreciate it's going to be a steep learning curve.

Yes, it's safe to delete any of the .db files, well it's safe as long as you want to wipe all the library data! XBMC will create a new empty database the next time it runs.


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