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Missing a trick here ...
Yap, dont install 9.04.1 search "xbmc nightly builds" i'm using 20445 and works great.
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Yep all sorted now since I go the nightly build Big Grin
Hi guys, I'm getting this issue too. (no backgrounds on the home screen) I couldnt find the svn build 20445, mentioned above, but i did try the one, prior and the one just after. I have also tried the very latest one.

In addition I have the latest version of the skin.

I downloaded the weather pack and i get background for that. But nothing else on the home menu displays a background. If i go to weather, then the backdrop stays there even when i move to other options on the menu.

Any ideasHuh?

Could it be that i just dont have the imagesHuh? Does anyone know where they live, so i can verify they are there
alexodwyer Wrote:Could it be that i just dont have the imagesHuh? Does anyone know where they live, so i can verify they are there

There are no background images in the skin so if you haven't downloaded any or set them up then you won't see any.

Read the bottom of the v0.92 release post to get details about backgrounds
My next question then would be how I set a custom image for each of the home menu options. DVD, tv shows, movies etc

In the skin options under background, there are no options to assign BG's for TV Shows, Movies, Videos. And if I set a background folder to the ones which are there, for example system, then the image doesnt appear until i enter the menu.

I cant see any other options for seting the home menu backgrounds.

EDIT: Ok, with another SVN, i can now get background images to appear for Power, DVD, System and Weather, by setting the background folders in the skin options.

But, I am still at a loss as to how I set the backgrounds for, Music, Videos, Movies, Pitcures, and Tv Shows. As there are no options to set a background folder for these in the Skin Options. ....As best i can see.
Have you tried the Skin options for TV Shows, Movies etc?
ahhh yes, i feel a tad retarded now!


It would probably make more sense if those options were all in the same place though. Thanks again

Missing a trick here ...00