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Hi all,

Apologies if I'm jumping before asking here but I have done some initial research and I would like to know i what I want to do is possible before doing the dirty work...

I have XBMC installed and running beautifully. Unfortunately it was intended to be a temporary install until I got Media Portal working. I chose MP for its ability to provide a Tivo style functionality as well. I didn't think XBMC could do this until I stumbled across a thread detailing Mythbox (which I have now lost Sad)

So I checked out MythTV for XBMC and then had a look at the MythTV website and well frankly I'm very daunted. I shouldn't be as I have used Lnux extensively before but I'd like anyone who can point me in a good direction to get started on installing and getting it all working on one machine under XP. I guess this all hinges on been able to install and run MythTV on a virtual machine and having that work with XBMC.

Is this possible? Has anyone done it before? Sorry if this is a bit all over the shop..I'm in desperate need of sleep so if anyone replies I will gladly clarify after a few hours of shut-eye.

Thanks for any assistance in advance Wink

- Matt
I installed a mythbuntu machine through VMWare on my XP Machine and managed to get things working using the Mythbox Script (as a frontend) and mythtv backend on mythbuntu. However it was quite dodgy for me, and I hadn't gone through the effort to work all the kinks out. But for a brief time, I was watching live TV using the guide, and TIVO-ing as well.

One issue i think I had was that of networking. I am running HDHomerun on my network, and I don't know how all the streaming was being routed (from router, to xp machine, to Linux Virtual Machine, back to XP) and I'm not sure if that was the most effecient method. I think that caused some delays, and problems. Not sure though.

It was my first experience with Linux, so it was a lot of work trying to figure things out. I would direct any questions to the Mythbox thread. Good luck to you, I'd be interested in hearing about your progress.
Hey thanks for replying...I have a good idea of where to go for help now, and the entire setup seems simple enough though my experience with virtual machines may need some brushing up on. I'm won't be using HDhomerun so that should simplify my setup somewhat.

I will definitely let you know how I go. Thanks again.
well keep in mind, from what i understand, if you are going to be using a usb or pci tuner card you may run into problems. I am not sure how you can get your linux virtual machine to recognize the tuner card as its own. With a networked tuner card (like HDHomerun) you do not need to worry about that because you are accessing it through a network.
Yeha I realised this after I started doing some research. I may actually be better off wiping XP and using XBMC for Linux instead, becasue then I eliminate the whole virtual machine issue which may be a good thing - I just have to worry about the pain that is linux drivers for all my hardware....or MAYBE I simply build server box for my media, and use Mythbuntu on that!?

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