Messed up Full Screen - Gui is shifted Down and Right
I have Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty, using the radeon driver on a 1360x768 60hz Toshiba TV. FGLRX doesn't work on my 9700.... discontinued support.Stare
Now this used to work fine before 9.04.1 of XBMC and a Jaunty screen-profiles update... they arrived at the same time or I'm blaming on that, I hadn't used xbmc in 3 weeks.

The auto detect by X sets the resolution to 1360x765 but on this screen it the bottom three rows of pixels flash red and green in this mode... just slightly distracting. XBMC works in this mode.

I create a mode using cvt and xrandr a 1360x768 resolution that fixes the red/green pixel issue, and gnome works fine. XBMC when in fullscreen mode is shifted down and right (50 pixels each) cutting off a bunch of the screen. The mouse is not able to move into the blank space, so it as if the whole surface has been moved like a virtual screen. This worked fine three weeks ago.

As an alternate I tried running the screen at 1280x720, XBMC in this mode either does the same as above, or exits back to gnome. Below is the link to the log file, the last line is XBMC exiting due to setting 1280x720 full screen mode, above that I switched to the shifted modes to see what the log said.


Any Help would be great.

Did you try correcting the screen with the Video calibration tool? (Settings->Appearance->Screen)
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Yeh I did try that but I couldn't move the left corner arrow any further to the left then it was.... and I can't see the bottom right arrow as it is off the screen.
Was this ever resolved for you? I have a similar issue using ATI's Catalyst drivers (the later versions). As you mention, it's not an XBMC calibration issue because it's like a virtual screen, you can't move the cursor into that region. Other programs (Miro, Boxee, etc.) work fine full screen, but what's even weirder is that if I start XBMC and come out of it, everything else remains shifted as well.
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Messed up Full Screen - Gui is shifted Down and Right00
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