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[RELEASE] Notepad (Program) Plugin - Text Editor
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A program plugin that will allow you to edit files directly from your XBMC.
I wrote it as a replacement for the old Notepad script, which wasn't HD ready and had some issues with the file browse dialog.

Sep 2016 update: No longer available for XBMC, only for XBMC4Xbox.
Something pretty useful!
Thanks Dan!

Thanks Damian, glad you found it useful.
can it open .nfo files too? with say, terminal font?
Yep would be great to use as an nfo viewer as well, even better if it could be called from the movie details screen :p
You can probably view the .nfo files as it is, but on the fonts side it's using the fonts available with the skin, no terminal or any other fixed width fonts as far as I know. If you find a skin that has them, let me know and I'll try to change it.

v1.1 is out...
v1.3 is out...
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[RELEASE] Notepad (Program) Plugin - Text Editor00