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Cannot view files on HDD through XBMC
I managed to FTP a flac audio directory and a MP# track on the G drive on the Xbox. And when I try to view them throught the XBMC I cannot see them.

I did upgrade to the new version of XBMC throught the T3 Upgrader and also managed to modify the ini file and the XBMC starts up perfectly and in the info page the brand new XBMC version also shows
But the same issue continues.
I cant browse files...

Flash BIOS v3029..X3 CE solder less chip installed.....Used Auto Installer Deluxe v4.5 to install the X Box....Upgrade to new 21-05-2009 version XBMC was done Online through T3CH Upgrader v 1.8.

Please let me know if you have any inputs


debug log ->

May be too much Info but I really need the Help



Did you add a new source to the video/audio section for browsing the new location? Or do you have g: as source and tried to browse from there?
You can try accessing the media via settings->filemanager to test if it's possible at all (which should work)
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I did manage to add the G drive and Now it seems to work....
Sorry....About this XBMC dudes.

My next step is for Shared Network access....
Hopefully that is easy.....

Thank you very much



Cannot view files on HDD through XBMC00