I am needed help with my xbox please

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I softmodded it last year then one night I saw you could go back to the xbox theme. Well, I did and when I did it looks like it took the mod off the xbox. I am scared to try the mod again because I blew one up that I did not know was already soft modded.

all the files are still there, but I am unable to play dvds or the game I have saved on the xbox. so I am wondering if when I switched back to the xbox theme did it take off the softmod?
if it did am I ok to mod it again? I miss well the whole family misses using XBMC and now I am using linux mint with a file server running it will be great to have it back up and running.

tia for your help
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How did you softmod the console originally? How are you confirming your files still exist on the HDD? How did you "go back" to the original "theme" (er, "dashboard" I think you mean)?

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