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Mackan2 Wrote:
||      *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  -  -       ||
||   |vote| |discard| |add-another-vote|   ||

add-another-vote brings up the dialog again and lets everyone in the couch cast their votes.

I see an issue with add another vote, most of those sites require login
and as a script it would have settings for those given video sites so the user can set their login/password, and that usually is associated with the current xbmc logged in user.
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benharvey1985 Wrote:i would love to see getglue integration for tv shows, movies and music...i would code it myself but i fail miserably at coding for xbmc.

is this just me, or would anyone else like this?

Getglue Homepage

Getglue API

I would also love to see this. I have 0 coding but think I may use this as my first attempt/learning process. I'm sure I'll be beaten to the punch by someone who knows what their doing but will use it as a learning experience. Will keep you posted.
Well, I'll throw in an idea. I'm not inept at searching the forums, but I couldn't find anybody else posting this (maybe there's a reason....) I'd like a "share to facebook" type option for videos in College Humor, funny or die, etc. If not for specific add-ons, possibly for videos in a user's favorites list. It's a pain to find a gem in a video add-on and then have to open up a browser to the add-ons root website in order to copy/paste/post the url for facebook sharing.

Total coding retard here, so this may be far more work than its worth. Especially the facebook login integration. But an app on facebook (like YouTube's) that could link to a profile in XBMC like YouTube's links one's google/YouTube account to their facebook app, may be an easier route.

Just spitballing here, there's countless reasons I can imagine for this being either impossible, or just not worth as much as the work involved in coding it. But maybe someone could give it a go to find out if it's even feasible or not.

Edit: The reason I didn't create a new thread for this is because I think it fits in the mymediadb/scrobbling/social networking criteria that this thread was created about, but maybe a more specific xbmc---->social network exclusive relationship rather than adding a middle-man tasked with branching the sharing outlets.

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