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Hi to all. I don't know if someone else had posted this problem...
I've a video library so structured "D:/Film/Movies1/Movies1.avi".
I've added my D:/Film as source to video and set the content as Film and as screper i set (the Best for me)
The problem is that in movie information the title is missed in all cases, and in most of cases the cover is missed...but exist if i search the title on

I think it's a bug...
There's any possibility to fix this problem?

stalvatero Wrote:UP
Hello, I've already patched this behaviour it should be in 9.04 now... (I don't have upgraded yet, so I'm not sure).
However I've changed it again... support for hi-def thumbs for movies and upgraded Actors scraping...
... the problem with MyMovies is that the scraped internet page is always changing! Sad
I'll post che changes as soon as possible!

EDIT: asked the best way to interact with the developement team:
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