TV Show scraping, RegExp help?
I have recently been coverting some tv season dvd's into iso's.

I name the files 01x02x03x04.iso and I have found that when scraped with tvdb I only get episode 1.

I have tried a few regexp and none seem to be working. If someone knows of one that works with this file naming structure or a similiar one I would greatly appreciate it.
As far as I know, ISO and video_ts folders don't work very well in TV Shows.
The TV Shows works well with individual files (each episode is its own video file)

See this link for more details
Post 7 explains why this is happening.
My intial thought was to break the dvd down into idividual iso files since I do prefer each episode have its own file. I can't seem to get any good software that will break a tv show dvd into individual epsiodes easily.

I have found this post which seems as though this guys got it working with a similiar naming convention, but I don't fully understand the regexp he used in the end.


If anyone has any suggestions of a good program or how to fix the regexp properly please let me know!
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