Xbox Original Joypad support in XBMC Live on Computer
I've always loved controlling XBMC via an Xbox game controller whether it be an original Xbox controller or a wireless Mad Catz controller..they all work great on the Xbox.

I've set up a PC with XBMC live installed directly on the HDD..No Windows..Just Boots directly to live.

Now using a dead Xbox and this tutorial

I made one of these..And it sort of works..if your in XBMC Live and you insert the USB, XBMC detects the joypad as "Joystick Plugged Microsoft X-Box Pad V2)..if i unplug it it say "Joystick unplugged Microsoft X-Box Pad V2"..It even detects my Future Tronics wireless controller (as a Mad Catz).

However..neither of them do anything, i cannot for the life of me get them to work.
There's lots of info on the net about Game Controllers and XBMC live..but it all refers to the actual Xbox itself.

What do i need to do to make these controllers work.I tried copying the keymap.xml file from the Xbox XBMC to the XBMC directory on the live version but it didnt do anything.

I even made a new profile and put the keyfile.xml where it would normally go on a standard XBMC install. Still no go.

Am i wasting my time, are they not supported yet even though they show up as recognized..
I want to buy a MAC Mini and turn it into an XBMC machine, but i dont want to do it till i get the game controller issue solved.

Hopefully somebody can help.
Many Thanks
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Have you been able to get it working using XBMC Live? I plan on doing the same thing - except I have an USB->Xbox controller adapter. I have one of those Mad Catz wireless controllers I plan on using (which is what I use on my current Xbox).

The hardware I plan to use is the ASRock ION 330 system with wireless Xbox controller connected using the VGA and audio out on the ASRock to LCD TV. I already have a cable box in the HDMI (but might get an automatic HDMI splitter) and connect it in that fashion.

- Mark
Wow, an actual reply..No..Unfortunately not yet...I've been trying to get either an Original Xbox controller (or Future Tronics or Mad Catz..they have all the same mapping) or a 360 Controller to work in XBMC for Windows.

However, i want it to work EXACTLY as it works on the Xbox, So far all the solutions i've found seem to be using Keyboard translators to translate a keyboard button to the game controller.

This however means it wont work the same way as XBMC for a computer has many different buttons for different things
For example keyboard controls for XBMC.
X = stop
P = play
P = Pause
Enter = go forward into a menu
ESC = go back a menu.

All that on XBMC on the Xbox is done with just the Green A and Red B button.

So you cant really map them very efficiently.
Please if anybody has a method of doing it so the controller behaves exactly like it does IN XBMC on the Xbox please let me know.

Even better if somebody has managed to get the live version to work with the game controller.

Although i have to say that XBMC 9.0 Babylon is the only one that even remotely recognizes the game controllers which is unfortunate because i have tried many many different releases of on OSX, Windows,Live and Xbox and i have found them to all be quite unstable. I had them all crash on me, The only one that doesnt crash is 8.10 Atlantis.
i use a xbox360 controller (same same)

look in the Keymap.xml file... your controller has to be defined in the keymap.

some problems i encountered (that you may or may not experience with yours) while configuring all this jazz:

- default linux xpad driver blows and registers the dpad as axis, not buttons. the result of which is that you get insane speed scrolling when trying to move up/down a menu one item at a time. the solution to this is to use grumbel's xboxdrv userspace driver (just google it) where you can set the dpad as buttons AND define a deadzone for sensitive thumbsticks (my deadzone is around 8000)

- using grumbel's driver, you'll also need a custom keymap.. luckily a decent one has already been created and can be found on a blog called 'stolen notebook' (

cheers. -- and btw... the xbox360 wireless adapter works excellently with grumbel's driver+xbmc. xbox360wired adapter is okay but don't unplug it as it won't come back -- you will have to restart xbmc.
i strongly suggest you nix the xbmclive and do a real ubuntu+xbmc setup... you get a lot more control and customizability
Well, here i am in Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop..I have to admit the XBMC menu is snappier in 1920 x 1080 in Ubuntu than it is in the same resolution in Windows. Unfortunately i am not a linux guru and even following simple instructions seems to go wrong..The setting up of the drivers is well beyond my limited linux knowledge. I tried following these instructions

but couldnt get results. However i do have a mate thats pretty good on Linux..might call upon him Smile.
I noticed as i was using the package installer to install XBMC that it also has the XBMC Live creater package. If one was to setup this Linux with the correct keyfile and this driver and then use the XBMC live Creator, would it integrate the drivers into the live version.?

Anyway a quick question for anybody that happens to run either the Windows or Linux version of XBMC.
On the Xbox version of XBMC if you press and hold the DPAD either left or right it very quickly skips through a video file jumping its 40 to 60 seconds without missing a single beat.It keeps up perfectly..same for holding the DPAD up or down..jumps are bigger but it never fails, No matter if the file is Xvid,Mpeg,H264 or Divx.
On both the Windows version and the Linux version in my experience this is almost unusable..hold the left or right cursor keys or Greater than - Less than keys down and in seconds XBMC seems to get stuck..particularly on XVID or Divx files...H264 files will scan and keep up..i have 1 XVID file that will scan.but the rest just get stuck and you have to sit there and wait for XBMC to catch up.

I was just wondering if its just me or if it happens to other people.
My test machine is a Core 2 Duo E5200 @ 2.5GHZ - 2 Gig of ram with a Nvidia 9600 GT graphic card so i'm sure its not the hardware.
I've tested this both over the network and locally from the HDD.

Oh and the XBMC live doesnt do this..its able to keep up just like the Xbox.
So any tutorials on how to get an xbox or xbox 360 controller working in Live?
No, not so much..i dont have a authentic wired 360 controller to test with, i have a Mad Catz wired 360 controller which i did play with..its detected as Generic X-Pad i think..I changed all the ALT names in the keyfile.xml to that and i got some sort of control..however all the button ID's were wrong.
So i loaded up XBCD in windows and took note of what button had what id number and matched them up in the keyfile...I got some semblence of control but it was still a bit wacky..
In fact in some places it was just strange..LB was take a screen shot, i would change that in every location in the xml file to left stick button (as in XBMC on the Xbox) and make LB info (remember LB and RB are what Black and White were on the original Xbox Controller).

And yes, Screenshot would change to left Thumbstick button....But it would also be matter how many times i checked , there was absolutely no place left where LB was screenshot..its like it was hard coded in somehow..and i had a few button like that which absolutely refused to change.

Also the DPAD is not seen as buttons..its seen as a HAT or POV and they are not need a driver that can see them as buttons.

Also the RW and FF were a bit strange, they would FF and RW fine but when you let go of the triggers quickly they would continue to FF or RW at 2X, to get them to play you had to gently release the triggers..These are all things i want to fix. I would just use an OS version of XBMC but i have tested them all on numerous machines and the skipping ability is broken in every single one of them..ONLY Live and XBMC on the Xbox function as they should.

If anybody disagree's with this, i have asked them to tell me their experiences with skipping forward and back but so far i've had no takers..Considering this is the Linux forum i'm guessing a fair amount of the people reading this are using Linux XBMC

Problem is the built in driver in XBMC live is to primitive...i spoke to my friend and rekons there is absolutey no reason why we cant modify XBMC to include that driver mentioned above.
So we are going to experiment, He has the skill to install the driver and make 360,Original Xbox and Xbox DVD controllers work in Linux XBMC. I will do all the keyfile setup and then we'll see if we cant either reintergrate this into an existing XBMC live or generate a new one.

Check here for updates occasionally, or if its extremely sucessful i'll drop a new post about it.

Thats pretty much all i can tell you.
jacky89 Wrote:So any tutorials on how to get an xbox or xbox 360 controller working in Live?

Just posting this on the last thread which you asked this on, and for forum searchers/googlers. I have posted a package and instructions on how to get xboxdrv working under XBMC live here :


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