Blu-ray + DVR/Live TV on a guide +XBMC

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kchase731 Offline
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I am soft of new to XBMC, I have successfully installed this on a spare machine. Got it to communicate with my NAS, and it works very well.

I am looking for a way to watch/record tv using XBMC

also Blu-Ray ISO/dvd direct access support either will do (I could rip to my nas, if i could play them that would be fine)
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Salpula Offline
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I read in the online manual that XBMC does not currently support blu-ray.
I also read that in order to watch live TV with XBMC you need to have something like MythTV running on another computer.

I could be wrong about this but no one else has responded so I thought I would throw out what I've learned from all the research I've been doing on XBMC the last couple days.
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XBMC will play the M2TS files from the Blu-Ray disc fine. You'll either have to rip them to your NAS, or run AnyDVD HD in the background to read from the disc on the fly.
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