List with all keyboard shortcuts available?

I have already looked in the online documentation, but there are only the XBox controllers described, so I'd like to know: is there an overview with all keyboard combinations available under Windows? I am searchinbg for a shortcut to switch to fullscreen music visualization at any time.
I don't know where a current default keymapping layout may be...

however, to answer your question: use the 'tab' key to switch the fullscreen mode.

also this might be what you were looking for.
Thanks alot for your help, this is what I have tried, but it doesn't work for me, maybe you can help.

my main problem is, that the Button "p" which is assigned to "Play" does not work correctly in the Fullscreen mode when music is played, since it brings up the presets dialog instead. This is probably caused by thw following entry:


So what I did is the following:
- Close XBMC (alt-f4)
- copy the global keymap.xml file to my userdata folder (I don't want to alter the original settings, but overwrite all entries with the user defined ones)
- in the copy of keymap.xml in the userdata folder, I have searched and replaced any occurences of




since I don't need keyboard button b very often.

When I now restart XBMC, the behaviour is like before, i.e. it doesn't work, when Play (p) is pressed in fullscreen mode playing music, I still get the Visualization Presets displayed.

Can you please help?

Edit: I have tried: when I replace the keymap.xml in the sytem folder, all works fine. But to my understanding, the file in the userdata path is supposed to outvote the counterpart in the system folder, right?

Thanks alot
You probably put the keymap.xml in the wrong userdata.
C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\XBMC\userdata

You found available actions, here is
List of Built In Functions
Sorry to reopen an old thread, but I'm looking to map the keyboard shortcut "O" (Displays CPU useage and video diagnostic information) onto my Harmony remote, but can't find the command to map it to.

I tried "OSD" but that's not the same thing. Does anybody know the right name for this info panel to enter into the keymap.xml?
@jackie78: Which version of XBMC. The latest version has replaced keymap.xml by keyboard.xml (though it will still read the old keymap.xml if it finds it).

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