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[RELEASE] & (Video) Plugins
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Hi again xbmc lovers, is huge with tv shows (3500+) with multiple video streams. I worked on Youtube, Guba and Megavideo. And its in beta stage. i need time to sort out how to categorize the parts into each episode although it works for all TV shows. UPDATED (23/7/09) fixing streaming interruptions!.

the files are here:
Thanks Nixa
Well done, all we need now is more plugins brother.

Which of my plugs was the base, looks like one of my old ones ?

Could be any of the Joomla based scrape plugs.

It`s been a while since I spotted the old veoh code, which relied upon Veoh Proxy to stream the Avi.

Veoh has since changed again, so.

You will need to use the new code to grab a full veoh mp4 - get my veoh plugin from the svn and rip the code.

It will need updating as do all my archaic plugin ancestors.

Again thanks for the hard work, and glad to see people being bitten by the plugbug.
Appreciated for your prompt response voinage.

I consider myself as your student. Smile . I learn through your source codes and others (F8LCoder, liquid64 and few others too). So, all these plugins i made actually are hybrid of all other skilled python coders hardwork. I just put the correct lines where it supposed to be so that it works with other video streaming websites.

Ok, for the veoh things, i need some time (really cool if someone could just insert that code Cool)

Latest: I updated tvblinkx with apart from youtube and mega.[see my Gcode above link]
I think as soon as time permits we all need to get together and create a dedicated video decode library available for use in all video plugins....

You could of used my old guba code which would have saved you time....

Yes, this could dramatically increase video plugins productivity. i mean developers will hv more time to pay attention on the parsing the website structure. we should make a good video routines of all those famous video providers.

I've just tried using the WatchNewFilms plug-in (absolutely amazing by the way, never even knew sites like this existed!), but it seems like all of the movies on there have issues buffering.. I click on one, and it takes about 3 minutes for it to buffer (shows the little green blocks on the 'Opening file' dialog), then when the movie eventually starts, it lasts about 15-20 seconds, then it has to buffer again..

Have I got to set up any settings on my XBMC install for it to work properly..? I'm on a 10mbit download connection so don't understand why I'm having to wait so long for it to buffer. I've got the iPlayer plug in and that works fine on the 800kb/s H.264 setting.

I tried out another plug in earlier too, the TV Catch up one, and that had these buffering issues as well. Any ideas anyone?

thanks for the feedback. actually, there is no parameter in a plugin that a developer can play with in terms of network speed (buffering issues). So, it is like if the plugin can catch the file, thats all bout it. But if it doesnt, then it is the problem with the plugin. For the settings in xbox, i might say changing the cache is the most relevant though i doubt it.

my experience, most of the time buffering videos is due to the traffic congestion from the provider itself. sorry for not having a real solution for this issue.
OK, this is a good news. In watchnewfilms, I have found that there is 2 different urls (servers) you can get from The existing one (in my code) is the one with slow speed. The other one (blocked to prevent leeching) is very fast, fast enough that so far i dont hv the buffering issue.

I updated the code with the fast one. Please post your response, would glad to hear.
Thanks for this update Nixa. Yes, like Languald, I have quite an underwhelming experience with the speed of buffering. When the movie did finally start, it would pause for about 10 seconds or more before playing while it streams more in.

Very happy to hear about this new change, will test it asap. (I was VERY impressed with the divx quality on

The one problem I did encouter though: There was 1 particular category I entered into, which totalled up about 2000 entries (2000 films) in a list. XBMC counted the list in teh dialog box ('now loading' 1...2000 ) etc. but then froze outright. The list too big for xbmc to display?
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This must be in the tvblinkx i guess. However, it should display regardless of how big is the file number. could post your xbmc.log file, see if i can find something.
TVBlinkx looks very impressive, however all of the shows I've tried come up with no links. I'm using xbox with latest build. As there are over 4,000 shows it takes a REAL long time to show the directory contents - would it be possible to put them in categories (A-Z)? I liked what you done with Voinages FastPassTV plugin if that's possible. Thanks for all your hard work, your other plugins are working great for me.
tvblinkx changed their vid server route. ok, for the moment, please use for TV shows and Watchnewfilms for Movies and the rest you know where to find.
nixa Wrote:tvblinkx changed their vid server route. ok, for the moment, please use for TV shows and Watchnewfilms for Movies and the rest you know where to find.

Watchnewfilms is working great thanks, however I could do with a plugin for TV shows that works. FreeOnlineEpisodes looks like it has lots of content but not many shows have any links, also is there a way of showing the episode number? At the moment it just shows the episode name so there is no way of knowing which episode number it is. Thanks for all your hard work, like I say WatchNewFilms is excellent.
For freeonlineepisodes, done with the numbering episodes. sorry for not having so much video providers, its hard to crack. You hv Megavideo, Youtube, and Youku. Enjoy it.

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