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[RELEASE] Norwegian NRK Web-TV (Video) Plugin
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I've seen some request for å NRK plugin, so i decided making one. Then I could both learn some myself, and make something others might enjoy Smile

I've used quite a bit of time looking at the workings of the web-tv and finally made something i think should be slightly better than the previous scripts. No offence tho Smile
The plugin are not finished and there's a lot of work left, but this release will work pretty well.
I hope some of you will give it a try and give some feedback. What can be done to make it better? Something missing? Should I implement NRK web radio or should that be a stand-alone plugin?


I know there are some issues with the setting, and that's really just me beeing lazy.
There are no thumbnails under "Sport" and "Nyheter" becouse I haven't figured out how to fetch them yet.
I'm also working on some illustration icons for the categories so we don't will se the standard folder icon everywhere.

If someone want to help out, that's always appriciated Smile

now, if you could set the 'title' in the video info tag so they work in video library mode as well (that goes for you and ALL OTHER PLUGIN AUTHORS) that would be even better!
Exelent, been waiting for this and i like plugins much more than
scripts since they blend better with the skins Wink

However i'm unable to play anything, it looks up all catagories and list
sub containers but all content is listed up as 0.0kb and they dont play at all.

Is there anything with my system that prevents this ? im using linux, ubuntu interpid and latest bleeding edge from yesterday when i tested this.

Could you please specify wich xbmc version this plugin was tested with ?
I have the same problem, I can play some of clips in the "Nyheter" section, but that's it.

Also running XBMC on Ubuntu.
I have tested with Babylon 9.04.1 t3ch build for xbox
Have you tried to play a file from nrk directly?


Ii seems like the built in DVDPlayer won't decode wmv9. It works with xbmc for xbox with mplayer, but not in windows build for me.
I'm working on integrating some other media from nrk's archive that will play on all platforms, bur it's a damn shame the program section won't work.
I have tried 10-15 random items from all the Nyheter,Sport and programmer category. none of them plays.

But that can be because im running bleeding edge xbmc with ubuntu.
Hmmm - still not getting this to work. Just wondered if anyone has this semi working or whatever. That is on linux...
I have windows xp with Babylon - 9.04, I can browse all the folders, but nothing happens when I click the programs..
I've made a lot of work in a new version of this plugin, and should be releasing it in a few days.

The problem with playing media from 'program' section on a windows/linux build, seems like lack of support within the dvdplayer. (wmv9/mms)
This means that xbox is the only supported platform for this section

I'm not sure exactly what causes the failure of playback in the playlists ('sport', 'news',++).
The stream is fetched through .../stream.ashx?id=<ID>
*<ID> - a generated number (autoincremented?) from the database.
The ashx acts like a handle to the media file on the server side.
Some times it works, some times it don't. When it don't it reaches EOF immediately after starting playback
I know the location of the media files, but I can't figure out a way to match the medias id or title against the path or file name.

I will post some more information about the problems, some logs, and my notes about the structure of the plugin and NRK's hosting when I'm done. Then maybe someone can helps us get some answers and/or solutions.

I've also made some new functionality, so there will bew some working section for windows and linux users :p
This is fantastic news, I have been close to starting something similar myself, but this looks way better.

I have a question. Would you care to release the code under the license "GPL v2 or later"? This will encourage contributions from others.

Also, it would be great if we could host this at

(if you agree with my license suggestion).

I do not have write access here, but someone might help out?
For the record, I experience the same problems with playback. Playing the mms:-stream in the url above directly with mplayer works.

xbmc-svn-21138, Ubuntu 9.04 32-bit.
Berland: I will release it under GPL 2, and yes we should get in a repository, but we probably should figure out some of the major issues first?

I had a look at the problem with the playlist videoes again, and I've made a quick and dirty plugin for browsing the raw html directories.

This is just for testing purposes, so please don't comment the code :p

If you try this, you can see that videos from icanal's hosting will work, but don't videos from pd.nrk.no. This implies that the playlist videos that does work in my plugin is those who are redirected to icanal's hosting.
Here are the main modules for the nrk plugin, so you can see the context:


You can also download the source, so you can be able to test your selves. I haven't implemented this new api in a functional xbmc plugin yet, so it's a command line test.

Download source:

At this stage it wouln't be much changed for the users to see. I've created some thumbnails for the various themes (found at: http://prosjektet.net/xbmc/src/images/ ), added the live section, and there's the html browser used for testing. But I've completly re-written the backend. I've added functionality for search, subtitles and use of the nrk's api for getting path (it's just show-off)

  • Find a solution for playback of playlist videos (high priority)
  • Add support for NRK podcasts and video podcasts (medium priority)
  • Add support for NRK web radio (low priority)

okay, i sort of have this working on linux, but it needs some work

1) it needs my libmms based input stream class - it's not clean enough to be commited just yet, but within a few days
2) it needs you to
1) replace mms with http in the program section urls
2) grab that http url
3) grab the first [ref1] in there
example output

4) replace the http in that url with mms
5) pass that url as the playback url to the player

with that done, i have perfect playback in xbmc for linux (and osx and windows)
That's really great initiative, spiff. Gives me some new inspiration to spend more time time on this plugin.
Those steps you posted above should't require more than a few lines of python code and will be easy to implement
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[RELEASE] Norwegian NRK Web-TV (Video) Plugin9
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