Playing back mms and asx streams from Web

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I'm having some difficulty to get xbmc to play streaming tv and streaming radio.

I found a reference in the boxee's user forum about adding mms:// sources to sources.xml and both boxee and XBMC are mentioned as if they both support this, so this is what I added to my Video section:

            <name>TV Todo Noticias</name>
            <path pathversion="1">mms://</path>
            <name>TV Radio Canada</name>
            <path pathversion="1"></path>

The entries show up in the Video GUI but when I select them, I get an error message "Could not connect to network server". These same links work fine in VLC

Same with these radios that I put in the Music section:
            <name>Radio Virgin-Radio</name>
            <name>Radio BBC World Service</name>

Am I doing something wrong? Maybe boxee supports this but not xbmc? Anyhow, how can I add my streaming tv links in xbmc?

Thanks - sorry if this is a basic question but I'm kind of lost. I can't find an explanation on how to do this in the wiki.

I don't use library mode
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