Video playback to fast if an avi file is chopped in two

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Question  Video playback to fast if an avi file is chopped in two
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Sometimes when try to play an AVI file that has been chopped in two to get itto fit on two CD's part 1 of the movie plays just fine, but part 2 has a video playback speed that is way too fast. The time stamp that is displayed by XbMc is wrong too. Lets say that part one ended at 1:05:00, then the start time of part two is not displayed as 00:00:00, but as 2:33:06. When I rename the file to another name and place it in a different directory Xbmc still has these problems w/ the file. Audio is fine by the way...

Strange thing is that when try to play that file outside of Xbmc (in mplayer or Xine) nothing is wrong. Proper speed, proper time display. May it be a flaw in ffmpeg?

When I load the file in Avidemux to examine it, nothing seems to be wrong with it either. Other people have this prob/ or a solution? Oo
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