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[DROPPED] TR-Subtitle (Video) Plugin - Turkish Subtitles
queeup Wrote:I'm not sure about that. I have never seen any Turkish user yet Smile (except @GeminiServer and @drascom)

Baba biz lahana tursusu muyuz?

Just kidding :-)
Hi. Great idea behind the plugin, although I'm using it to try and download English subs. I've installed it on build r30442 and while it shows a list of subs for the movie I'm testing it with, it comes up with a "Error - Script failed!" box when I try and download the sub.

Can you shed some light as to what might be happening? Please advise if I need to run any more tests or provide more information. Thanks, Tony.
Thanks for this great work!

selam beyler, konuyla alakasi yok ama sizleri burda bulmusken sorayim dedim =) dizileri izliyebilecegimiz bir ekleti varmi acaba??
Buyur Smile
saol indirdim...
Can anyone suggest an addon where the series below can be watched with English subtitles?
Resurrection Ertugrul (Dirilis Ertugrul) and
Magnificent Century (Muhteşem Yüzyıl)

I cannot get any stream or links so far.

[DROPPED] TR-Subtitle (Video) Plugin - Turkish Subtitles00