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MiniMeedia and Weather - no backgrounds?
Guys I've just got MiniMeedia 0.90 but when I select the weather option there's no background.

I'd downloaded the weather pack as suggested in the sticky at the top but I don't really know what to do with it. I've got a folder with loads of subfolders named after numbers.

I tried going into the Skin settings and pointing the Weather fanart option at my weather folder but no joy.....

Any ideas? I'm loving this Skin and would love to get the weather working.


Try upgrading to a new version of xbmc. Google 'xbmc nightly build'. This should hopefully fix the problem.
I've got a very recent build - last night's I think....

I've got the media flag stuff so must be pretty new.
Place the unpacked weather fanart wherever you want (most likely inside a folder called weather?) and then point the Weather Custom Background in the settings at the root of that folder.

Make sure you have an up to date version of XBMC and make sure you don't have Weather Fanart disabled in the settings.
That's what I did. I just tried last night's SVN build 21125 and pointed the weather background folder at my 'weather' folder. On the home screen I get a black background and if I go into Weather I get a static background Sad

Any ideas?

Edit - damn I had 'hide weather fanart' turned on, though I'm sure last night I tried it with that off and it still didn't work. Need to try it on the mac mini now....

MiniMeedia and Weather - no backgrounds?00