Plugin Status - List of Working and Non-Working Plugins for XBMC versions 9.04 & 9.11
Well thats strange its working again Shocked

The only thing I did was run the mythbusters plugin then select cancel after a while (my connection is busy syncing with flickr at the moment) then I picked the lite plugin and its working.

Somrthing, somewhere seemed to get a bit bunged up there!
Watchnewfilms IS working for the XBox.
the simpsons working for anyone?
i get error python script failed
also the apple trailer lite doesnt work
The Vidster (at least for Xbox) had all empty folders as of last night. Worked fine the previous days.
Bleach_7 seems to freeze up my xbmc on Linux. I am @svn 27253

Reverted back to 27235 and it works perfect.
Unfortunately the plugin (both versions 1.0 and 1.2) does not work with XBMC Live (XBMC 9.11 R26018 Compiled Dec 24 2009). When you first install and configure it, it will actually get to the point of showing you how many videos you have in your Library, but when you try to enter the library it crashes hard (throws you out of XBMC entirely, back to login prompt, and leaves a crash log in the user directory). After a reboot, just attempting to enter the plugin is sufficient to cause it to crash. This may be a problem peculiar to XBMC Live, but I really wish it would work!
USA network gives script error on Ubuntu
XVideos [+18] is no longer working. i think they made changes to their site a few weeks ago and now this script at least needs an update.
Looks like the NBC Universal plugin script is dead now due to & requiring a plugin from Pando to view their online content.
CNN plugin does not work
Get script error on Apple TV with PBS plug in v1.3.1
Google video: does not work.
Thanks for all the reports, updated the first thread.

Sad to see so many plugins not working Sad
If you run SVN Repo Installer on Linux, you need to report these problems on XBMC Trac, cause it works great on other platforms - there must be something odd that Python does in that version and needs to be fixed by Team XBMC, not Nuka. Just bitching about it won't fix anything.

Usually there is a thread for each plugin the author starts, where you should report any issues - try here for SVN Repo Installer
Hey all,

Just to ask is the list at the begining up-to-date or not?

I get anxious trusting apparently very old first posts for very current issues ;-)

PS - Has anyone got TVcatchup working? I'm having problems with it always asking for the password every time I click something, even when stored and then failing to find streams....
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Plugin Status - List of Working and Non-Working Plugins for XBMC versions 9.04 & 9.1100