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[MOD] Dan's Media Flags Hack

I downloaded a WIP build earlier this week with the media flagging functioanlity and modified MediaStream to show the info in Episodes (for TV) and Info List (for movies) views. I didn't do any others as these are the only two I use (feel free to use my code to add more). Check out the screenshots...



That dead space to the right of the movie title had been bugging me for ages so I thought I might as well put it to good use!

I decided against using images (excpet for the sound format) beacuse there just wasn't enough consistancy in dimensions and I wanted everything to upscale nicely. I also used full numbers for the aspect ratios because the decimals just felt odd... You can change it if you like. Download the files here...

...and unzip them to your XBMC directory.

N.B: I tested it on as many different files as I could so it should work OK. I only tested it at 720p & 1080p, so any other resolutions might look a bit sketchy.

ty i love it
many thanks!!! these are the only views i also use. just a couple of comments:

- is it possible to remove the "custom" where moving in the ".."? it looks odd.

- When selecting a dvd iso file I also see "custom", would it be possible to show "dvd"? Ive seen some other skin (cant remember which one) doing it.

regards and thanks again for sharing your work.
Looks good.. if only i had a linux or windows box as a mediacenter instead of an xbox i would put this to good use..
Hey, Pilluli.

The first fix is easy.
  • Go to the skins "720" directory and open the file "ViewsCommon.xml".
  • Search for the word "Custom"
  • Replace the line <visible>!substring(listitem.VideoAspect,.)</visible>...
  • ...with <visible>!substring(listitem.VideoAspect,.) + substring(listitem.VideoResolution,0)</visible>

...and that should fix it.

The second fix might also be easy but as I don't use .iso files you will have to test it for me!

Try this...
  • Go to the skins "720" directory and open the file "ViewsCommon.xml".
  • Search for the word "Custom"
  • Replace the line <visible>!substring(listitem.VideoAspect,.) + substring(listitem.VideoResolution,0)</visible>...
  • ...with <visible>!substring(listitem.VideoAspect,.) + substring(listitem.VideoResolution,0) + !substring(listitem.filename,iso)</visible>
  • then add the following code beneath </control> and above <!-- Fullscreen-->...

    <!-- DVD-->
    <control type="label">

  • Repeat for "ViewsVideo.xml"

I'm assuming that all .iso files will have the same aspect resolution, otherwise this won't work and you'll have to add the + !substring(listitem.filename,iso) code to all the aspects' <visible> tags.

Let me know how you get on! Smile
Many thanks for the clarification dt1000. I've actually change a little bit your mod (I hope you don't mind or even maybe you can incorporate it to yours!). Big Grin

Basically I have changed your flags view in several ways. For now i have only change the list view for movies but episodes should be the same:

- I have moved all the skin code to the file MediaFlags.xml and include in from ViewsCommon.xml so all the media flagging code is in that file.

- I've added a DVD icon as your recommendation. Looks fine! ;-)

- I have included icons for all audiocodec formats (mp2,mp3,wma,etc.) and I've change the colors so they match the ones that you already have (dts,ac3). I've added code to put them on the screen also fixing a bug that displayed the dolby logo all the time with stereo videos.

- I've changed the "stereo" and "mono" names for "2.0" and "1.0". For me it is more consistent with the rest but can be very easily changed back (you'll have to change the <posx> of the codec image in that case though...)

- Finally, I didn't really matter about the "letterbox", etc. so I've only put the ratio ("16:9" for instance) and move it to the same line with the resolution. So the entire media flags are only 2 lines (looks better imho).

Here the screenshots:



As said, many thanks for your mod, I hope you like my modifications. If not throw them in the garbage :-)

Here they are:
I've added several version of the dolby logo, I can make up my mind which one to use. You can rename "audiocodec_dolbysymbol.png" to "audiocodec_ac3.png" to use the one you had before...

In any case, I'm eagerly waiting for your code about the "advance home funtionality"!!!! Big Grin

i tried the file from the first post and and also the 6th post.
i dotn get any changes to see the flags.
whats wrong here?
in aeon skin i can see flags, so i think filename flags are get corectly.

thx a lot
i think pilluli's only works in 'Movies' nowhere else.


nice fixes.
audio codec (dts, mp3) looks great but it is also a bit too small - sometimes smaller than rest of info.
in my opinion there should be also some space between resolution and ratio.
Did you download one of the development builds? This functionality does not work with the basic version of XBMC. You can get them here.
wow great feature. i now have enabled the read media information under video settings Wink

it works fine. thanks a lot for the MOD and for helping.
are there similar mods for mediastream skin?

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