[REQUEST] New subforum for all remotes and remote-related applications?
I think we should separate those elements into a new subforum because they spread all over the forum right now, and they are mainly all related.
More and More people are using XBMC as an HTPC app, and with the abundance of IR and WiFi devices, a place to gather the information available would help people looking for specific info.
Such a sub forum would also give developers a space where they could exchange on issues related to remotes, such as efficient layout standards, OS support (Android, Symbian, Iphone, etc...)
Finally, it would help potential remote app/ir remote contributors not reinvent the wheel.

Here are some possible subforums:
1. Remotes working with XBMC (possibly with keymap.xml and fixes).
This subforum could use the OS-specific tags for clearer tagging.

2. Remote applications.
Here remote app devs could list their remote app, devices that they are compatible with, releases, updates, take requests, etc

3. sticky or subforum dedicated to remote app dev:
As i see it right now, there are three major flavours:
- Standard IR emulation
- Mouse emulation
- "Mini UI" implementation
All three have their strengths and weaknesses. what they lack is a common vision. I see remote apps as skins using the same building blocks, and i believe that there is room for standardization.
This subforum could create the space for these devs to discuss and eventually establish what could be called "remote apps HIG" based on user reports for different devices, layouts (landscap vs portrait), security, code optimization, and so forth.

I'm asking the devs to think about it, but i believe it's worth the effort, seeing the estimated user base (at lest a million and growing) that XBMC has gathered. Big Grin
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Have lived with a PITA remote issue, I'm all for this.
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[REQUEST] New subforum for all remotes and remote-related applications?00