Swiss (Switzerland) Language Translation and Country Localization Enhancements?
Hello to all .-)

I live in the center of Switzerland and I would like to ask if switzerland
could be integratet as own country in the gui settings from xbmc

- Switzerland has own Timezone Entry (Zurich)
- There are at least 4 offical languages inside Switzerland
- German / French / Italian / Romansch
- In the moment I use Germany as Country and German as Language
- Would it not be nicer if I could select Switzerland and on of the 3 most
used languages witch allready are supportet by xbmc ...

- German
- French
- Italian

There would be only one entry in the Countrys ... the 3 languages
inside xbmc are supportet

- Austria has a allready a own entry for german ....
yes, sure. no need to argue Smile just submit the files on trac

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