[XBOX] Telnet Problem

I am after a bit of help please. I have in the past sucessfully used Chimp 2.6 to clone a hdd so i had a backup. The working Hdd has just failed so my backup is now installed and working fine.

I want to make another backup just in case, however no matter what i try i can not get into my xbox using telnet!

I can ping the box, i can ftp with Chimp running i can ping no problem, but as soon as i run Telnet, i get

Could not open connection to the host, on port 23: Connection failed

I have tried a different router, crossover cable etc. Ping and FTP are fine but no Telnet. Checked the .ini file and Telnet is enabled also.

Any thoughts on the problem i am having would be appreciated.

XBMC has never had a telnet server.
althekiller Wrote:XBMC has never had a telnet server.

Thanks for the reply, i am following the instructions for using chimp, and it clearly states that once the screen on your tv is unreadable, on your pc Click Start\Run\ type CMD. Then Telnet

This is a direct from the tutorial:

Accessing by Telnet
(*Note: Make your XB IP STATIC and anything above
1.XB - Run Chimp ( Screen will fuzz up and go green)
2.PC - Access Command Prompt (Start/Run type CMD press Enter)
3.PC - Command Prompt type telnet press enter (username: root Pass: xbox)

I have read this on various websites and tutorials where others have said the tutorials work.

I might be missing something here.. but could you elaborate on your comment of XBMC not being a telnet server.

I dunno anything about "chimp" and we certainly are not a support channel for them/it/whatever. I also don't know how much further I can elaborate on XBMC not being a telnet server. It doesn't respond to telnet commands, at all, simple as that.
Thanks for your input. I finally got it working using my X-over cable.

With regards to the telnet problem, it must be something with the chimp program for disk cloning. Once "chimp" is running on the xbox i can use the telnet to access the screen and access the options menu.

Thanks for your input and for XMBC itself... excellent bit of software for the xbox!!

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