TV Shows are compressed in Library mode
Some of my TV show seasons are being grouped into 1 large folder.

TV Shows
-1 Season
Season 4
Season 5
They look ok in file mode.
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5

I am at work so I can not attach a log but will tomorrow if needed.

Definitely, since I have no idea what you are on about.
You have seasons 4-5 so it's not a matter of everything being lumped under the Lost show node.
Could it be XBMC is not picking up your Season 1-3 eps because they use an incompatible naming convention?

What is the setting of Settings - Video - Library - Flatten TV Shows?
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Sorry for not making my point clear.
You are correct that I have season 4 and 5 so it probable is something with the naming. This is how they are named now.

Season 1
Lost - 01x01 Pilot.avi

Season 2
S02E03 - Adrift.avi

Season 3
S03E03 - A Tale of Two Cities.avi

Season 4
Lost - 4x01 - The Beginning of the End.avi

I thought they were all acceptable formats. I will redo them all tomorrow to S01E01.avi. I think that is the preferred tag. Is there an app for that?

Settings - Video - Library - Flatten TV Shows - Never

Hey thanks for the reply, I know that you have alot of ppl just jump on the forums and ask questions and never say thanks....

Anyone have the pdf of the manual?
Those don't need renamed. Put a debug log of a scan on or similar.
Sorry for the late reply. Here is my debug log

Build 21193 with Mediastream skin
Thanks for the link to TVrename, it worked great. I still have the problem.

I am thinking about deleting all the nfo and file info in the folder the videos are in( on server ).

Starting over with a completely fresh database/xbmc seems to be a good idea.
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Hey thanks, that fixed it. I did not know you could go in and delete the data base so I removed and reinstalled XBMC. I really think it had something to do with Media Info Plus.

Thanks again...
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