IMDb scraper problem
so i updated my xbmc windows, with the xbmc jaunty PPA

ive setup everything fine, tv show information is fine.

but its the imdb scraper (which is under tv shows not movies in the content tab) that im having problems with. it will find the movie, but not add any information.

ive read around that xbmc stop support for scraping imdb, then reintroduced it, but not as a default or something like that.

ive tried tmdb, but, with over 800 movies, there is a fair amount missing. plus i like the extra content that imdb has. i even signed up to tmdb, to add movies, but there seems to be problems with the site.

so, my question is, is this possible anymore on xbmc? or has imdb blocked scraping?

anyway around it if they had blocked scraping?

thanks guys
i dont think imdb is availabe inside xbmc anymore. but there are other apps you can get on the forums that will assist you in scraping such as Media Companion. I use this and works great for me.
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imdb is still available but it isn't the default one as before. I am currently using it on latets xbmc and it is fine. Please post full debug log.
The normal XBMC log IS NOT a debug log, to enable debug logging you must toggle it on under XBMC Settings - System or in advancedsettings.xml. Use XBMC Debug Log Addon to retrieve it.
here ya go.

hope u can help me

You have set content to "TV Shows" when it should be movies. So it's using the imdb tv scraper. Set your content correctly and choose the right scraper, then things will work.
ahhh, im an idiot.

i didnt realise i could scroll down in the movies content tab, and select imdb.

thought the only imdb one was in the tv shows listing.

sorry guys.

thanks for the help.
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