[MOD] Media Flagging Support - CoverFlow View for Movies

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Rainbow  [MOD] Media Flagging Support - CoverFlow View for Movies
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This is a first attempt at adding the new Media Flagging auto-scanning to xTV.

1> Copy media/flags to your xbmc/skin/xTV/media folder
I had to add a few and change a few names to get them to work.

2> Same with PAL 16x9, copy the contents to xbmc/skin/PAL16x9/

You need the version r21076 or greater of XBMC and the latest of xTV (though it should work on most of those skin versions).

Please note, this is my first attempt to skin and as such the XML is probably quite basic compared to others. Please feel free to tart it up, should you wish.


[Image: 3662970946_0e9ab12cce.jpg]

Full size

Fixed a small problem.
Also, Media Flagging is in all view, however, some are not yet optimised for the new icons
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nice work bro.
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