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What am I doing wrong? :(
for some reason I dont see the nice layout i see in the screenshots. this is what my info looks like on tv and movies. I am running at 1280x720 any help would be great Smile

press right (the blue arrow indicates that there's a menu "hidden") and change the view Smile you're in list view
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Looks like you're using a font other than the default and I guess that doesn't work too well Confused
i know I am in list view Wink and yes I am using the Alt Lager font included as aprently at the age of 26 i am as blind as a 90 yr old lol. I dont expect you to fix this for me but as being new to the whole modding xml thing can you point me where to tinker to move the stuff around myself? Smile
Most of the code for the views is in ViewsCommon.xml and Includes.xml

What am I doing wrong? :(00