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[REQUEST] lynda.com training online training videos plugin
(2015-10-30, 22:38)kcodi Wrote: Hi Devel,

I've been searching for this kind of plugin for quite a while.
Any chance you'd be willing to share it?
I'm using an institution login myself, so your plugin would be very helpful as-is.

Thanks in advance :-)

Hi, kcodi,
I've just finished cleaning up my code a bit and it should be usable. As I haven't been able to test it with other institutional logins, your success may vary. You can get it on my GitHub: https://github.com/davejm/plugin.video.lynda/.

If you have any issues, preferably you can create an 'issue' on the GitHub repo. Alternatively you can message me on here.
Please give the repo a star on GitHub as it took a bit of effort.

Devel (David)

It took a while to tailor the auth module to my organization, but now it works like a charm!
You've definitely put a great effort into this plugin, it is much appreciated.

If you're ever looking for enhancements, it would be nice if the plugin would mark videos as watched, so that the user would be able to pick up from where he left off when transitioning to the mobile application or website. But great work anyway :-)

Thanks again!
Download All Lynda Courses For Free From Tut-dl.com
Lynda.com accounts are free if you have a library card with certain libraries. Check with yours to see if they participate.

For those in Southern California, the Los Angeles County library (not city) is participating.
(2016-07-31, 11:52)mkxd990 Wrote: Download All Lynda Courses For Free From Tut-dl.com

Is there anything like this for the other major tutorial sites?
I just noticed @devel's NearestNuggs .. Man you are saving people in more ways than one! Ha ha. Nice work.
Is there any way to make it work with a LinkedIn Learning account (since LinkedIn acquired Lynda.com)? Would love to stream the courses to my Kodi.
LinkedIn Learning
(2019-04-16, 12:09)the_other_guy Wrote: https://www.youtube.com/user/lyndapodcast
LinkedIn Learning

Those are just some free videos, not the paid video-courses that you get with an active subscription.
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