[XBOX] XBMC Hangs When Selecting "Videos" from Main Page
I just updated from XBMC 2009-04-04 (T3CH) to XBMC 2009-06-27 (T3CH) using T3CH Updater. XBMC boots up fine, I can go into all the other menus: music, pictures, weather, script and settings without a problem. But when I select "videos", the menu bar on the left disappears, but then nothing else happens. The TV with the shark image stays on the screen and everything is frozen.

This is a new problem for me. I can revert back to the 2009-04-04 install and everything works great. But XBMC 2009-05-21 (T3CH) hangs too. I can watch videos by navigating to them through the file manager.

Debug Log
Someone else had a similar problem a while back and it was discussed here
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Thanks for the reply. I tried a few things from the other thread. The only thing that seemed to work was starting over from scratch with my userdata folder. I wish I could pinpoint exactly what is creating the problem within that folder because I don't feel like having to set everything up again. I'm pretty sure that it must be just one little thing.
Moved to XBOX forum as T3CH is XBOX only IIRC.
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