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[RELEASE] MediaStream_Redux (My Remake)
I've done this on my minimeedia "latest videos menu" and i think its a good idea.
When on "latest movies" pressing right jumps to "latest episodes" and vice-versa.
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Any plans on adding 4:3 support.. some of us still have a standard def Tv in our bedrooms (although i got a nice plasma in the livingroom Smile )
paul Wrote:It does work extremly well on xboxSmile

Great! I've uploaded it to xbmc-xbox-skins. It's available in the repo (with the SVN Repo Installer) and an archived version from the downloads section. I've reduced the backgrounds to 960x540 to improve XBOX performance. Please let me know about any objections. I will remove it immediately if nescecairy. I've left a refferal to this topic on the front page.

[Image: widget]

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Numus Wrote:Any plans on adding 4:3 support.. some of us still have a standard def Tv in our bedrooms (although i got a nice plasma in the livingroom Smile )

read the first post
Wow - Nice and tidy layout, easy to navigate and u can actually
see important information on the screen without beeing 30cm from the screen Wink

Nice work as always from you Jezz !

Prolly my new default skin...

Btw - how to i add stuff to the favourite menu ? i couldent find any favorites.xml file or any settings in the mneus for it ? Maybe im just having one of those days Wink
SlaveUnit Wrote:Is there any way to also get the HDTV logo to be added to the sources? The bluray and hddvd ones are showng up nicely BTW. Just tell me if I am pushing my luck.
Jezz_X Wrote:Not really somthing I will add but I made it easy for you guys too just open up IncludesCodecFlagging.xml add the image and condition for it then put the hdtv logo in the flagging folder. (bare in mind the current implimentation has limits to its width of images it can display so some might get pushed out of view if you add to many unless you dig in and modify the view code that is)
Jezz_X Wrote:yeah its in the xpr it doesn't really matter where you put it as long as the path in the <texture> tag is right
but the default for it is /media/flagging/video as you can see from the bluray examples up the top so you might want to create those folders
I've added HDTV logo support and also DTS,DD,MP3 logos if you're using EMM as that still uses 'DTS', 'AC-3' and 'MPEG Audio' tags for the time being.
Here's the updated IncludesCodecFlagging.xml and here's the HDTV logo (place it directly in the Media folder - no need to create sub folders).

fat.hamster Wrote:nice.. but i love buttons "Movies", "TV shows" on home - so: unusable now
I second this request but if Jezz_X doesn't feel the need I'll look into adding at the weekend for anyone else who's interested.

Great work as ever Jezz_X.
Jezz_X Wrote:Just so Everyone knows Posters for tv shows is currently unsupported maybe by version 1.0 but I personally use and prefer banners

me (and i'm sure many other ppl are) is looking forward for such a completion of an awesome skin.

i guess i'm using this instead of aeon auriga since it includes the file manager (which aeon doesn't).

if i may do a request: add a showcase view Wink yes, i know, you don't use it, i love to use it for tvshow-selection.

now i have to fix the font size for plot info, it's a bit too small when watching from my bed.. (this i have to do for every skin so far.. dooh)

nice - very nice - work.
thanks for sharing with us.
cheers,azido :;):
azido -
Changes :
* Skin Setting to enable TV Show Poster instead of banners looks like this
For the most part this redux is excellent. I do love the fonts and overall feel of this version. Very slick! The favorites menu is well located! I do have a couple of issues however. Maybe some can be tweaked and I'm not aware.

- I would rather leave the default backgrounds on the menu but rotate the fanart in the music, pictures, etc... Is there any way to do this? At the moment, I can set a fanart folder but it also changes the main menu.

- The "Recently Added" feature is causing input delays (XBMC becomes unresponsive) on my system when exiting a submenu (be it videos, pictures, music, etc...). All my movies are on a Gigabit NAS. For the moment, I've disabled the feature and everything is fine.

- In the music section list view, I would be nice to have the artist bio beside the artist picture (same goes for albums).

- While playing music, the 'Now Playing' window only seems to appear when in the main menu. Is this by design? Is there a way to make it always appear?

- Any way to get the small weather summary on the front menu top corner like in Mediastream?

It took me a while to find it, but is there a reason why 'Skin Settings" is hidden away and not in the 'Settings' section?

Overall, a great skin.
The unresponsive behaviour is because a script is being run every time you enter the home screen.
I prefer a manual run script button that i only run when i want to and not every time i enter the home menu.
This is a killer xbox for me, even my HTPC as little annoying breaks.
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  • Crucial DDR3L SO-DIMM 4GB
  • SanDisk ReadyCache 32GB SSD
  • Microsoft MCE model 1039 RC6 remote
Hitcher Wrote:azido -

yeah, forgive me my ignorance, found the poster settings out for myself some minutes after i wrote that.


two things though,

1. dunno if it's just a problem of the german translation or really a dupe entry:

when using power on/off menu, there are 2 entries called "Ruhezustand" (which is german translation of "suspend") and

2. in tv-episodes view (using INFOS 2 view) the plot is not scrolling although i have enabled scrolling in settings. it does in the info window and on the plot for movies, but not there. might be just one setting in the xml i guess.
cheers,azido :;):
Really nice looking skin!
I only have 1 request:
Can we have the Media Info 2 view type for music too?

And to anyone:
is there anyway that once into the videos section, when I enter Movies or TV Shows, it would take me directly to the list ordered by Title? I never browse my videos any other way, and it seems like an extra step...

Useless post. Sorry.
Feanor: Flatten your listing (it's on the left).

There's direct links to TV Shows/Movies on home - just press RIGHT. No need for duplicated items like in the original MS.

Jezz_X: You know I hate settings, but IMO this recently added thing might warrant it. It works nicely here, but I can see how it could be slow on some machines. Some might just not like it either (it's kinda useless after a rescan until we have proper dateadded functionality).

Always read the XBMC online-manual, FAQ and search the forum before posting.
Do not e-mail XBMC-Team members directly asking for support. Read/follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting please make sure you read this first.

[Image: badge.gif]
Most recently I have been running MiniMeedia as my main skin. This one is nice enough that I think I'm using MediaStream Redux now, especially since it works well on the XBox as well Smile I'll try and make my feedback as useful as possible:

1-is it possible to add support for Weather FanArt which is organized based on current conditions? It really added to the "Wow" factor, and should be do-able with minimal code changes. This is what I am referring to.

2-Is there space in the movie info views for studio and MPAA rating graphics? When those are present it really makes everything seem more "official" somehow, like you're looking at the digital equivalent of the DVD case. I believe these graphics would look right at home sitting next to the official codec logos already present in the skin Smile

3-I second the proposal for the more under-stated, checkmark style "watched" overlay. Much more classy looking, plus half of the people I have showed the eye to have to have it explained to them before they get it, which doesn't scream "intuitive design" to me.

4-Thanks a lot for including support for both TV wide icons and posters. I wish more skinners were as matter of fact about it.

5-The portion at the top of the screen that shows your current relative position within XBMC is extremely n00b/girlfriend-friendly

6-As others have reported, it looks like the "Plot synopsis" text field present in Media Info 2 view is not auto-scrolling despite having the setting set properly.

7-The overlays covering up the FanArt seem a bit on the dark side to me. This is mostly a personal taste kind of thing, as I really like the skins that show off the FanArt. Maybe turn down the opacity by like 10%? I know its a slippery slope because then you run the risk of reducing the text readablity but it may be worth looking at, especially if its doable with changing a few tags Smile

Freaking awesome work! Me and my roomies love it, and my girlfriend is like "OMG give me that on my XBox now!", so its a big hit over here.
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