[WINDOWS] LCD/VFD display support in XBMC for Windows?
I noticed on the FAQs page that LCD Displays are supported. I'm putting together an HTPC and was hoping to put on a small LCD display to show off the status of the machine (i.e. what's playing, etc, in XBMC). I'm not sure if there's another/better LCD to use, or if anyone has any experience with this.

So I guess my questions are:

1) What do I have to do to enable output from XBMC to an LCD Display?
2) What LCD Displays are supported?
3) What LCD Display do you recommend on something like this?

Currently looking at NMEDIAPC's LCD's, since they're fairly inexpensive on NewEgg and "programmable."



LCD displays are supported in XBMC for Xbox and XBMC for Linux, but not yet nativly for Windows, see:
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Are there any News concerning this?

There are plenty of users using the antec fusion remote or Activy/Scaleo Series or hiper-media-hmc-2k53a (incl me Wink ) who would love to see a working vfd support under windows.
Tried Media Portal but xbmc is my preferred software.
I like it much more than media portal but i might ask whether it is planned in some time to support VFDs as MP is doing that natively already. Dont know how they managed it but it works perfectly.

Thanks very much for all your answers!

Did you try xbmconimon? It works perfectly with xbmc and imon to disply various information.
THX baijuxavior,

i did try iMon but the VFD is not compatible with iMon Software. Sad So i guess it wont work with xbmconimon neither...

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