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Where did the cache settings go?
I've been away for a few revisions, where are the cache settings for video and music playback? And if they've been removed from the gui, how do I change them now?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.
We hid them on the forum search form. This has been asked too many times to answer again.
See you like to give terrible answers such as...
althekiller Wrote:They were never hooked up on any platform but Xbox anyway.
It kills threads and makes your search useless.

My question was regarding the possibility of changing the settings outside of the gui even if the options were removed. Does XBMC still uses a buffer or does it play the content instantly? Seems a little unreliable to just play and assume the connection will be perfect. Seems like a buffer would be needed and a size therefore should be configurable somewhere.

The defaults xbmc uses are no good for playing from an ftp source capped at around 200KBps, though faster connections work fine. What I observed on my XBOX and FTP server is that xbmc will download at the capped speed, fill the default 2MB buffer, stop receiving, play, notice that its buffer is low, stutter, refill the buffer, and repeat the process every 3 seconds. By setting the buffer to 16MB xbmc keeps reading data from the ftp non-stop at around the video's bit rate or the capped speed and will rebuffer propperly.

Perhaps it's the way xbmc works with ftp sources but there's definitely a problem here that I used to be able to fix/work around with the cache settings that now I just get to live with?
Had you searched, you'd have read that those setting were removed because they were never hooked up at all on the PC ports of XBMC. They only ever worked for mplayer on xbox, so changing them won't get you anywhere. There are no intentions of adding similar settings in dvdplayer. The obvious solution is to keep a local copy of your files on faster media.
Slasher Wrote:there's definitely a problem ... that now I just get to live with?

Unfortunately for now, yes.
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Where did the cache settings go?00