HDD space missing ?

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archet45 Offline
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I have a 500GB hard drive and when I initially installed it the G drive had 366GB free. After transferring 328GB I'm only left with 18GB free

does ANYONE know where the other approx 38GB went?
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joebrady Offline
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Did you use XBpartitioner to format the G drive, ensuring to use 32K cluster sizes so that you did not get corruption?
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rogue21 Offline
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Xbpartitioner will do the trick.

I had a 500gig hdd and got data corruption at around 320gig..
knew something was going on when flashfxp started to go flaky.

Anyways reformated my F partition with 32k clusters and transfered all
my movies back.. i have a 500gig hdd filled to the brim (80gig left) with
media and nothing is corrupted.

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