Cannot play DVDs (was:Autoplay or Play-Button for DVD ("Please insert disc"))
Fedora 11, libcdio 0.81-2
if use IDE dvdrom "Please insert disc", if use USB one - I see two copies of disk label, under it I see files and can play video_ts.ifo
terminus, I'm getting exactly the same problem. I'm also using XBMC (9.04.1-jaunty1) on Jaunty with libcdio 0.78.2+dfsg1-3.

Is it possible an older version of libcdio will solve the problem? (Anything I've read has suggested only downgrading from 0.81 so I'd be surprised if an older version made any difference).

I'll post a full log when I get home this evening.
Same problem here on Fedora 11 x86_64 with libcdio-0.81-2. Has anyone filed a Trac ticket for this yet?

Update: Rolling back to libcdio-0.80-5 on F11 x86_64 resolves the issue (rebuilt from F10 SRPM). Does anyone know exactly what changed between .80 and .81 to cause this issue?
Metoo. libcdio is 0.81-4. xbmc is svn 2009.10.02. No

Maybe it would be possible to access /dev/cdrom directly, if libcdio doesn't work?
I noticed that when I removed the slave optical IDE drive from my PC the problem went away (using the same setup as posted above - i.e. XBMC on Jaunty).

Note I had to unplug the drive as simply disabling it in my Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2H's BIOS didn't have any effect under ubuntu (haven't tested it in windows).

Does anyone else with this problem have 2 optical drives. Is XBMC known to work with multiple drives?
Can we consider this as the dark side of all the linux fun? Wink

I have an ASrock ION 330 with the latest and updated XBMC live.
Everything is working smooth except for this 1 issue discussed here:
my dvd's won't play.
Wait a minute, that's not whole true.. Only my daughters dvd's of "princess sissy" are working.. Huh
Anything else won't.. (yeah you can make fun of that..)

Anyways, I really don't feel like spending days with debugging and recoding jaunty.., not for this 1 issue. (daughter is happy, so am I Smile )

Don't tell me that there is no solution for the working but not-working dvd players of all the helpless people of this thread.


to clarify: dvd get's mounted, at eject I got message: "unsafe blabla disconnected' like other people mentioned.

See this thread:

and this ticket:

It's definitely a libcdio issue, I solved it by following rolffokkens advice and rebuilt XBMC using the libcdio under xbmc/lib/libcdio/ instead of the one provided by the distro.

Therefore on Fedora you can use rolffokkens rpm of XBMC:

And on Mandriva you can use my rpm package of XBMC:

With either of these packages CD/DVD playback works fine, for any other distro ask your package mantainer to include the same workaround or build XBMC yourself from source following this procedure:

CDIO_LIBS="-L$PWD/xbmc/lib/libcdio/ -lcdio-xbmc"
export CDIO_LIBS
cd xbmc/lib/libcdio/libcdio
cp lib/driver/.libs/libcdio.a ../libcdio-xbmc.a
cd ../../../..
./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-debug --disable-ccache --enable-goom
make -j2

I still think XBMC needs fixing as going forward all distros will use libcdio0.81 or newer so XBMC needs to work with these newer versions of libcdio.
Thanks for the quick reply. Wink

It's past midnight and got to get up at 5:30 :o
I'll try this out asap.

Hopefully team xbmc will solve this issue in their upcoming update of xbmc live.
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Cannot play DVDs (was:Autoplay or Play-Button for DVD ("Please insert disc"))00
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