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Linux -  HOW-TO install XBMC for Linux on Asrock ION 330 with full Ubuntu Desktop
Help required here for a newby. I have followed both instructions for installing the nvidia gfx driver on my new asrock ion 300 nettop but as soon as my machine restarts, my monitor goes blank. I can ctrl+alt+f1 to get to a terminal window but going back to what would be the gnome window, the monitor goes off. The only way for me to overcome this is to go into recovery mode at boot and use xfix to repair video problems and then resume. Going into the Nvidia X Server Settings gives me a message about "you do not appear to be using the nvidia X driver, please edit x configuration using nvidia-xconfig. I do this as root, restart the PC and I am back to a blank monitor!

I am going to try a fresh install as I am going mad here!!
Did you do this?:
Quote:4) Install
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic nvidia-glx-185

5) Config
sudo nvidia-xconfig -s --no-logo --force-generate

Try to do 5) again after ctrl-alt-f1

In recovery mode you are not using the NVIDIA driver.
Ok, tried that. Both from within GNOME and a restart which resulted in the blank monitor or "mode not supported" on the OSD and then via the ctrl+alt+f1 but again blank monitor. I am connecting via HDMI if that makes any difference?!

I have tried both the file download from Nvidia and the repository option.
Quote:I have tried both the file download from Nvidia and the repository option.

I was going to suggest the download. Did the NVIDIA installation program run normally and did not give any errors?

I really do not know what else to suggest. You could try to connect a standard computer screen with the VGA cable in case you use the TV now.

The only problem I have had is that I had to run the installation twice. You probably have to check the ubuntu or nvidia forum for more information,
Quote: I am connecting via HDMI if that makes any difference?!

I am connecting with HDMI, but we do not have the same TV and the TV is the only difference. Try VGA cable and standard computer screen to start with.

I tried using a different monitor and it was fine. I then tired using vga 15 pin dsub for the original samsung widescreen and it worked too. I go back to HDMI and it doesn't work. Very strange. I am moving this onto a Sony 42' when I have completed the build so hopefully it will work with HDMI. At least I can now continue. Thanks - and great guide!
vikjon0 Wrote:Ok, I have done some more testing.

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/team-xbmc/jaunty-ppa/ubuntu jaunty main
Should contain the same version that you already have in live and it is working on Asrock
Are you sure that you have correcly upgraded the NVIDIA and set up VDPAU?

Anyway, there is now a new SVN that does work.
deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/team-xbmc-svn/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main
sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 64234534

You should give that a try. If not working the problem is something else.

tank you so much vikjon0.....i resolved with the last svn...!!!! now everytings works very good...!!!

Is for a long time I have this problem, maybe you can help me:
I have panasonic plasma and I have the ASRock connected to plasma in HDMI, so when I turn on the computer and xbmclive is load, my plasma says connetction is VGA 1080i and not HDMI 1080p...but i never connect the pc to my plasma to vga, is always connect to HDMI..! What's happen...? Is normal..? Or i have do something wrong..?
Quote:ays connetction is VGA 1080i and not HDMI 1080p..

This I do not know. There is a lot of detail setting that can be done if you really want to. (xorg)
I have not looked into that. Most of the material I watch is actually not even HD...

If you do not see a problem with the move...you could probably ignore it.
More probs - now that XBMC is setup I have moved the PC to my living room 42' Sony. When connected via HDMI at 1920x1080 the desktop spills out past the frame of the tv and I cannot see everything like toolbars and some shortcuts. I have tried various resolutions and playing with my TV remote but no success. Again if I use the VGA cable, it is fine but I want my sound to be played via HDMI on my TV and now I have changed the settings on XBMC I don't know what they need to be changed back to, to get audio via the soundcard output - if there is no solution to the HDMI video res.

Any ideas?
I got that problem once...it was because I had the VGA connected as well as the HDMI.
make sure to remove it.

Otherwise I do not know, with my TV (new) it works plug n play. Most things seem to be possible to fix in xorg though, but I do not know how.

You could check the NVIDIA setting utility if there is anything there.

If you delete the guisetting...someting.xml in .xbmc it will be re-generated with detault values.
This rocks I'm picking up my asrock 330 ion tomorrow. This guide is exactly what I'm looking for, thank you very much.

The only difference I want to do is create 3 partitions windows 7 osx (leopard for now but snow later) and ubuntu.
mp3 where playing to fast on HDMI.
Changed to "plug:hdmi" as default output device, it seem to be the most simple solution.
Great Guide.
I want a Desktop as well. But don´t want to install everything that comes with Ubuntu.
So I will install an minimal Desktop. And then choose only the stuff I need.
Quote:So I will install an minimal Desktop. And then choose only the stuff I need.

Yes, I have now done the same. I have only the basic core & utilities installed.
I tried the Aeon skin this morning. Can't say I liked i t much.
This is howto

Install Skin Aeon

sudo apt-get install git-core

cd ~/.xbmc/skin

git clone git://github.com/djh/aeon.git

(If you want a another folder name git clone git://github.com/djh/aeon.git "Aeon Stark")

cd aeon

5) Get the fonts
EDIT: The URL will be generated based on your ip (I think) You have to get your own from

wget http://download273.mediafire.com/aew2memhsysg/lywzwbnqyyy/Aeon_Fonts160709.zip

unzip Aeon_Fonts160709.zip
mv Aeon/fonts fonts

6) clean-up
rmdir Aeon
rm Aeon_Fonts160709.zip

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