[LINUX] Suspend immediately returns

When i press suspend the screen will go black and then immediately it will return to XBMC without a message.

I tried this on a fresh install of Ubuntu and the same thing happens. However in Ubuntu i get an error message flashing by before it goes back into Gnome (its too fast to read tho).

I tried installing a fix and running s2ram --force, but this gave me the same result. Immediate return.

Anyone know how to remedy this?

The computer in question is an ASUS Pundit P4-P5N9300 barebone system with an Intel E5200 and 4gb Crucial ram, Ubuntu/XBMC installed on a 320gb WD disk. I am using the restricted nvidia drivers version 180.
Until you get it working in Ubuntu there's no way it will work through XBMC. You'll probably have better luck on their forums regarding this.
Yeah i know, and im sorry to pester this forum about it.

Ive made posts on other forums aswell but so far ive gotten no help. Sad

Spoke to a few people on the Ubuntu channel on freenode aswell, but no go..
I just wish my knowledge was better , and i would probably be able to fix it myself. But its so much to learn , and i dont have any base to build off.

Ah well. If anyone here knows, please do post, if not, well i tried.. Smile

And of course keep up the good work with XBMC. Ive been using it for years and years, and it keeps getting better Smile
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[LINUX] Suspend immediately returns00