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OK, I need to rant a little here.
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The situation:

An AMD, dual-core machine running Ubuntu Jaunty with PulseAudio as-installed. No magic- I just use the packages and pick the defaults. I've not fiddled with source code, changed 'registry' settings or anything else.

The problem:

Earwax in the corners of my mouth. XBMC runs in 64-bit mode, almost effortlessly showing me the transparency of the control panel while I mess with it. I'm at something like 10% CPU. Good colors, excellent speed of all functions, I didn't believe playing videos (or for that matter, music) on my machine could be so luxurious and lush. I'm just about floored.

Moovida is working it's way here. They're a good bunch of guys, but you have the functionality now.

Boxee can't seem to squeeze out a Linux version more than once a year, and when they do it's 32-bit only. Maybe one day I'll fight to get it to work on Grandma's machine, but right now I'm in love.

There's nothing else even *pretending* to be a media center that's worth mentioning after this.

It's install had only one problem- a PulseAudio glitch that rendered it mute, but after making all settings "Autodetect" in the PulseAudio settings gui, I can even hear the little "click" noises as I navigate the beauty.

This, guys, is the embodiment of a great job, well-done. I even tried out a YouTube script. I didn't read anything, just dropped it into my .XBMC file tree and it worked on the first pull.

FRIGGIN' WOW! Have you guys been busy, or what?!?! Cool
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yup! spread the joy Smile
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I thought a rant was a negative thing. This was pretty much a purely positive congrats post Smile
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Hehe, the rant will follow? Smile Thanks for the feedback!
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NOPE. No rant. Just love.

Now I *do* have a problem with nested queries...and that we can't do them....but that's for later.
You've won the award for oldest thread revival by reply!

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(2012-04-02, 21:50)pseudo7 Wrote: You've won the award for oldest thread revival by reply!

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You hereby recieve a free copy of XBMC Eden11.0 that can downloaded from Big Grin
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NO WAY....why can't I ever win a free copy lol
Care to explain what you need 64-bit mode for?
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What don't you need 64bit for, my breakfast doesn't taste the same with 32 bit Wink

Flirc now has a forum:
Licking your lips will solve the issue... although I'm not partial to ear wax.
Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and shut down this three year old thread, in case there are people who don't notice the date of the original post.
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OK, I need to rant a little here.00