Win HOW-TO setup iMon specific remotes and software with example Moncaso Remote
Looks good. Also, here is the list of various input codes.
Well thank you for that link. I read it all but Im a bit confused. I know some programming so Im sure if its explained to me I can get it to work.

This is what I want to do now...

The remote has a "My TV" button that I would like to link to TV Shows in XBMC
The remote has a "My Music" button that I would like to link to Music in XBMC
The remote has a "My Photo" button that I would like to link to Pictures in XBMC
The remote has a "My Movie" button that I would like to link to Movies in XBMC

I see these but dont know what to do with them..

myTV N/A My TV 206
mymusic N/A My Music 246
mypictures N/A My Pictures 249
myvideo N/A My Video 248

I also would like to link my vista remote with the mute function.
Alright, if I understand correctly, you are currently using iMon to link remote presses to keyboard presses. E.g. x=stop. Unfortunately, if you look at the keyboard xml in the keymap folder of xbmc

C:\Program Files\XBMC\system\keymaps

you will find that the mute function is not currently connected with a classic key. To change this you'll actually need to alter your keyboard xml from


to something like


so that pressing the letter b causes XBMC to mute.

Similarly you should be able to use the built in functions of XBMC to open Music, etc. See this page, and, even better, this page for more details. To do that, remember, first you need to map to the keyboard.xml a keyboard key, then connect that keyboard key to the "My Music" button on your remote using the iMon program.


So, e.g.


In this example, pressing 'b' would open the movie library.

Edit 2:

ALWAYS backup, if altering keymaps!!!!! Also, try to make sure you aren't using the same button twice.
alright I tried what you suggested. I first tried it with mute. Couldnt get it working. I also looked at the 2 links and Im lost.
I can send you the full keymap if you would like to take a look at it Big Grin
If you want, you can send me what you've attemped in keymap using
Turns out 'm' is already in use. That would cause a conflict. Instead, start fresh and replace




as 'e' does not appear to be in use.

Then it looks like you'll need to map in iMon

Fuction-Mute, Shortcut - e, RC Button - Mute

Or something like that.

I'm a little confused by the pastebin you offered. Are you editing

C:\Program Files\XBMC\system\keymaps\keyboard.xml

or something else? Because your iMon remote maps to keyboard keys, you'll need to edit the keyboard xml.

Edit: If you are not seeing different xmls, be certain to update to the most recent build of XBMC.
Alright, now as to the rest of the links, here is the code you put into the keyboard.xml. you can put it directly after the mute button to reduce confusion.

Note, in the below code, the 'r' corresponds to the keyboard key 'r'. Everything within the the two 'r's corresponds to what you want to happen after having pressed the keyboard key 'r'. After applying this code to the xml, you will need to assign the newly corresponding keys with a button press of your iMon remote, like you do in the first post of this thread.

Therefore, your job is to look through the keyboard xml and make sure whatever keyboard button you're gonna connect to your remote is not already in use. "r' may already be in use. I'm much too lazy to look. You'll need a different letter for each command below (in other words, you can't just use 'r').


That "MyPictures" one may be incorrect. The rest should work, once you identify a keystroke that is unused and do all the necessary assigning.
Does anyone know how to activate the picture library? I only see information for videos and music
mccorkled Wrote:First you have to download this file over on the iMon software site.

Sorry link does not work.


Otherwise thanks for a good guide


I would be interested to know since no one has told me so far....

What do I have to add to my keymap to be able to open up my photo library from my remote? Also what do I add to the kypmap to open up my albums when I click "music" on my remote.
I've spent a lot of today trying to figure out how to get the iMon remote that came with my Silverstone ML02 case to work with XBMC. I was just about to go to bed when I came across your post and noticed that the remote you had taken a picture of looks EXACTLY like the one that SilverStone supplies. I've bookmarked this thread and look forward to set it up next I have a bit of time with the PC.

THANK YOU so very much for documenting this. Great stuff!

As an aside, I hope someone can help you with the photo library and albums - with those things covered as well, this how-to would really rock!

The link to the .imo file still doesn't work. Sad

Thanks for the guide! I'm sure it will work fine with my antec fusion remote once I get hold of the file!


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HOW-TO setup iMon specific remotes and software with example Moncaso Remote1
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