[LINUX] XBMC System/API/Addons Architecture Documentation? Even willing to pay for it

I am looking for a diagram of XBMC Architecture and a 1-2 page Overview/Description of it, specially regarding how skinning and plug-ins are treated, and how DVB-T would fit in.

I am aware that this might not exist... and in this case we (Telematics Freedom Foundation) are willing to *pay* XBMC developers who can spend a few hours documenting it.

We are putting together a grant proposal to extend and modify XBMC, to make it run (better) on "linux-based-boxes" like the Neuros LINK for example.

Unfortunately this should be done fast (2-3 days) so we can respect the grant deadline. Consultants interested please contact me directly (giovani at telematicsfreedom sot org) ...
actually I find XBMC better documented than most other opensource projects. Did you checked out the support tab on the main page? the information on the wiki, trac en the code? The questions you ask can easily be destilled from there.

2 to 3 days to respect the deadline... I love to see that PID Big Grin

"... how DVB-T would fit ..."

Just to humor you:

- pvr frontend in general -

- mythtv support -

- VDR support -

- TVheadend -
thank you for the links.

I am aware that some information is available on the wiki, forum, support, google, etc... and some might not even exist (i.e. I couldn't find a diagram for XBMC architecture)

I posted the request because I simply do not have enough time to search for it and compile into a coherent 2-3pages document readable by the grant evaluator since I am writing the rest of the proposal myself and the deadline for submission is on tuesday.

Of course I know the deadline may be tight for someone with little knowledge of XBMC architecture to deliver. In fact my hope is to find any "core" developer willing to get paid a consulting fee to do it.

BTW, the document will be publicly available once delivered (CC-BY-SA)...

thanks once again, giovani
just to clear some doubts I got in private:

* Unfortunately I do not have control over the grant deadlines. I could make it next tuesday and then try to pay an expert translator (the grant is in Italian) to have it quickly delivered... but not sure how much that helps...

* It shouldn't be an in-depth analysis of XBMC. Just a (simple) diagram for the XBMC architecture, specially showing how skinning and plugins modules are connected and (at this point can be optional) how one DVB-T module would connect with the rest (core module? player? database? API? web
services....?). I don't know the xbmc architecture so I can't be more
specific than that. Also the document is not aimed at "experts" in the
field it is supposed to illustrate the media center software architecture

* We don't need to get into technical details. 1-2 pages of text + the diagram is more than enough. The important thing is to simple and straightforward.

It would be nice to get advantage of public funds to further enhance FLOSS projects like XBMC. We are willing to pay for consulting for this work, we are not asking or ever expected anyone to do it for free within this kind of deadlines.

Thank you.
I *might* have some time to bang out something basic tomorrow (saturday EDT) evening. I'll contact you via email if I end up getting to it.
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thanks, i'll be working today (satuday) and tomorrow, so if you need anything else just drop me an email.
I am very interested in XBMC’s architecture. I need to compile an architecture document of an open source project for varsity (naturally I chose XBMC Big Grin).

If someone could please help me out with a higher level explanation and maybe some diagrams, then that would be great.

Dear Einad,

The document is ready. We have sponsored it and it is licensed under a CC license, you'll just need to credit us on your work. You can download it from our website: http://www.telematicsfreedom.org/en/2009...re-summary


GIOVANI SPAGNOLO, program director
Telematics Freedom Foundation
http://www.telematicsfreedom.org | Via Boezio,6 - 00193 - Roma
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[LINUX] XBMC System/API/Addons Architecture Documentation? Even willing to pay for it51