[Mac] Music plays over analog but not USB optical (but video's audio works)
I just bought this USB to optical audio adapter to connect to my PowerBook G4 running Tiger 10.4.11 and XBMC 9.04.1.

I found that it works perfectly in Mac OS X Tiger with System Preferences - Sound. It also works for the XBMC GUI interface sounds and also for playing videos.

However it inexplicably does not play with normal Music. No sound is output playing music files. However, the additional odd thing is that the counter on the music tracks stays at 0:00.

If I switch to analog/built-in sound, then the counter progresses and music plays normally.

I also discovered that sometimes I had to quit and restart XBMC for the sound hardware settings to "stick" even though they are updated in the GUI.

Rather aggravating. Hope this problem can be fixed. Had high hopes for this approach!

Here is the pastebin log.

edit: Mac OS X 10.4.11 running XBMC 9.04.1 (repack) on PowerPC PowerBook G4 800 mhz.

edit2: who is benjamin
Well it looks pretty clear from the log that this PPC build isn't linked right to a couple of resources:


Browsing around this sourceforge branch (I don't know too much about the way an SVN system works so apologies), it looks to me like the later resource should be available but the path is specified in relation to user benjamin. But it's not clear to me whether the first MACDII-powerpc code is there at all.

Hope this helps -- would very much like to see this one fixed soon.
ctawn Wrote:

1) /Users/benjamin/9041/XBMC is just where the application was compiled Big Grin

2) MACDll-powerpc-osx.so is indeed not included in the powerpc build of XBMC because the version used in XBMC does not support ppc.
MACDll is to play Monkey's audio file (.ape). Do you try to play this type of files?
As music plays with built-in sound output, I guess you don't play .ape files (but you probably have .ape in your directory?) and it's not the problem.

I see in the log "ERROR: [PortAudio] Error opening stream: -9997."
PortAudio has been replaced by CoreAudio API after 9.04.1.
Could you try a recent build?
Not sure it's that easy to find ppc build... Might try to make one available if you are interested.
PM me and I'll try to check it. This was such a hassle with the PPC right now that I decided to use an intel machine for the media center (even though I need to use it for other purposes sometimes). when the PPC version is more stable I will try again, since I have this PowerBook G4 just sitting around. So if you want me to test a build, PM me, please.
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