"Currently watching videos" panel to MediaStream_Redux

I've added a new panel in the home window to show the "currently watching videos" so if you stop your video and went to sleep last night it is only a couple of clicks away the next day. It supports up to 4 videos (movies and tvshows) and it tells you the remaining time for each of them (they are sorted by remaining time also). Here are some screens:


It also moves when in "movie" or "tvshows" menu:


You need a very recent svn version of XBMC for this to work. Also, if you apply this patch to xbmc then it will show a recent thumbnail of the moment you stop the video. If not, the normal thumb/fanart wil be shown.

You can download the changes here, just overwrite the files in the MediaStream_Redux folder or this patch which applies to redux 0.9.5

Let me know if it works for you. Regards,

PS: I opened a new thread as the original mediastream_redux was getting too big with requests and mods...
I can confirm it works on Version 1.1.2 of MediaStream_Redux_Mod
Thx Nod
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"Currently watching videos" panel to MediaStream_Redux00