banners/wide posters not showing up??
Hi, ive had my meda library perfectly set up for a while in xbmc, but recently have been having a minor problem. at some point i did an update library, and after that certain shows only show up with dvd size banners in the tv show list, and they no longer have banners. ive tried going into the thumb section, but all i see there are dvd size banners and none of the wide posters show up!! i go to and the banners indeed are there. ive never really had a problem with these before, and my other shows work perfectly. one i specifically have problems with is family guy, for some reason refreshing the list or anything else really helps.
driving me crazy.
You're using one of the nfo tools floating around? In any case, check your .nfo (if using any).

P.S: Please see my signature on how to report a problem properly (hint: debug log), thanks.
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so i checked those specific directories and i have no nfo files. i dont really use nfo files but checked anyway to see if some crept in. anyway i turned on debug logging as specified, and copied the xbmc.log to the following url:

the shows im having problems with are the office, extras and family guy. i rescraped each of them indvididually after i turned on debug logging. again, they scrape episode names etc properly, but when i go to thumb, only the poster tumbs show up not the banner thumbs im used to.

another problem i realized recently is i have some other shows, which every time i do update library, revert to posters, and i manually have to change their posters to wide banners. but atleast they have wide banners when i get their thumbs.

anyway hope someone can resolve the issue.
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