Help! Onboard Optical Out on P5N7A-VM??
Hi everyone!

I have read through countless posts on how to get HDMI audio working on a P5N7A, but I have not found many people detailing the process for optical out (trying to go to my receiver).

I have not had any luck really trying to get it going Eek

I have done the following:
added "options snd-hda-intel model=6stack-dig" to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf

Installed the 1.0.20 alsa driver (as reported by

Unmuted IEC958 in alsamixer

Set default audio device and passthrough device to every combination of "default, iec958, hdmi" possible, in the xbmc config

I have the following in ~/.asoundrc:

pcm.dmixer {
   type dmix
   ipc_key 1024
   ipc_key_add_uid false
   ipc_perm 0660
   slave {
      pcm "hw:0,3"
      rate 48000
      channels 2
      format S32_LE
      period_time 0
      period_size 1024
      buffer_time 0
      buffer_size 4096

pcm.!default {
   type plug
   slave.pcm "dmixer"

I have tried VBIOS options of setting Digital Output to HDMI Audio or SPDIF Audio.

I haven't tried ONBOARD SPDIF as I don't have a header for it... does anyone have the magic codeHuh I have NO audio whatsoever!
I've done this so many times on this board. After starting with mythbuntu as the base just did 2 things . Added the line above To the alsa-base.conf and unmuted things in alsamixer. That's it on the ubuntu side. I use optical. Your setup may be different though.
works fine for me on that board. This is the guide I followed:
Interesting bullets for you I guess: 2,3,4,6
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Help! Onboard Optical Out on P5N7A-VM??00
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