1xNvidia but 2 screens and 2 windowsmanager
i want run xbmc with ubuntu 9.04.
My dream is that i run 1 xserver with gnome that i control with mouse and keyboard and see on the tft and one xserver with xbmc that i only control with my remote and see this on my tv with hdmi. i have a nvidia card.
i know thats relay small information but is it possible ?
do you know some easy tutorials that me say how i config that windowsmanager gnome use keyboard and mouse and screen1 and windowsmanager xbmc user remote and screen 2
You would be better off in the ubuntu forums for this.
Always read the XBMC online-manual, FAQ and search the forum before posting.
Do not e-mail XBMC-Team members directly asking for support. Read/follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting please make sure you read this first.
I am also EXTREMELY interested by this request... Haggy, it may be related to xbmc more than Ubuntu forum...

As I would like to get :
Main screen on HMDI output (Sanyo PLV-Z4 projector) in 720P mode
Additionnal screen (15'' touchscreen 4/3) connected on VGA with 1024x768.

I would like to see the same xbmc on both screen. As far as I understand it, xbmc can only have one single resolution. So if I choose 720P for me to get the good resolution on the projector, it may be out of range on the touchcreen...

The good solution would be to clone the screen in the NVidia driver (if I understand well - regarding this, any help would be greatly appreciated)
But how do I set the different resolutions in xbmc ? Is it a problem really ?
I'll try to work on this next week-end. Last one was related to the touchscreen Laugh

My xbmc computer is an ASROCK ION 330


I made a try by cloning screens (using twinview from NVidia drivers) but this seems to be not working perfectly because of different aspect ratio.

I must have a look with xinerama in a few weeks
Any help would be appreciated

I only installed XBMC yesterday but i have it set up so that on
vt7 i have gnome running.
and on
vt9 i have XBMC running.

If you install the "xbmc-standalone" package you will have the option in your display manager (probably GDM) to choose to start XBMC without a window manager.

At the moment i have GDM set so that on boot it auto login to gnome and then i just hit "switch user" under the logout menu to start another instance of GDM on tty9 where i then select XBMC from the session type menu and login to XBMC.

With this setup i can simply switch between gnome and XBMC using (ctrl+alt+F7 and ctrl+alt+F9) respectively.

All you would then need to do is to configure Xorg to send the appropriate inputs to each virtual display and to get Xorg to send each virtual display to one output each. I do not know how to do this but some Xorg expert would.

On my to do list (and i assume yours) is to get both sessions to login automatically on boot i am going to have a go this weekend but please post it you figure it out first.

Good Luck
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